SME Mobile Prerequisites

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SME Mobile Prerequisites:
- SME must be updated to the latest version of SME 8.0

SME Web Services:
- The server or computer running SME Mobile Web Services
1. Must have IIS feature installed
2. Must be Windows server 2008+ or Windows 7 + OS Pro
- Must have Dot Net 4.5 role installed and enabled
- Does not need to be the same server as the SQL/SME server, but must be on same network
- Must be available 24/7 with a static IP address

- Your router must be set up with port forwarding for the computer/server static IP and port 215
- The following link may be useful for assisting with your port forwarding setup
- You must be able to test your router with the following site and have the status show as open
- Port215Open.png Your IP
- If you cannot complete the port forwarding on your router you must have the router login info for the High5 Tech
- Note: Your router and network must be setup for Hairpinning if you want to access from within your network and external

SME Mobile Wiki Links:
- When your SME Mobile application is installed and configured the Administrator account will be set up and the log in info passed to your SME administrator of record
- We advise waiting until you have arranged training with our staff before making any administrative changes
- SME Mobile User Setup wiki link:SME Mobile Master - Assign User Names
- Setting up Preference Groups SME Mobile - Preference Groups