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WebServices and Add-On Products

One of the most important additions to SME7.1 is additional add-on programs enabled through the use of SME web services allowing external applications to connect to SME. High 5 Software has a number of new products to improve service operations, these products are offered at an additional cost, contact for more information:

Inventory Allocation

SME 7.1 introduces a new window called the Material Allocation window which allows users to more quickly see what inventory is needed and reserve parts for orders. You can view the demand for all inventory items across all orders, view demand for a specific inventory item, or view demand on specific orders. Click Material Allocation to see how to use the new window.

Allocated and Unallocated inventory tracking is added to improve your understanding of what is needed for an order. Click Inventory Stock Levels to learn more.

Changes to the Dispatch Window

The Dispatch window in 7.1 provides more flexibility with viewing your open orders and unassigned orders that need to be scheduled. You can setup different layouts in dispatch and choose which columns you are viewing on the order tabs.

Click Dispatch Window - New features in 7.1 to watch a video on the new dispatch window.

Click SME - Dispatch Window to read the wiki book.

Quick Schedule

Quickly schedule a technician from the Details and Settings tab on an order. Reduce clicks and schedule faster.

Click Quick Schedule to learn how.

Search Window
SME 7.1 provides an easy way to filter your search window. Click Search Window - 7.1 to see how to use the new search window.

New way to manage columns on grids

SME 7.1 provides an easy way to rearrange the order of columns on grids. You can also quickly remove columns from the grid.

Click manage columns to learn how.

User Groups

The user interface has been redesigned in the Setup module > User Groups. Click User Groups Setup - new design to learn more.

In SME 7.1 you can now arrange the order of tabs in modules and hide tabs by user group. Click Hide and change the order of tabs in modules to learn how.

Custom Tabs and Fields

You now have the ability to add custom tabs with custom fields in SME 7.1. You select the type of field you are creating and give it any name you want. In the search window you can sort and filter on the custom fields. You can also apply access levels to the custom fields to restrict user groups from seeing the field.

Click Custom Fields now available in 7.1 to learn more.

Batch Print/Email Invoices

Batch Print/Email Invoices provides an easy way to print or email groups of your invoices quickly. Click Batch Print/Email Invoices to learn more.

Journal Notes - a new way to enter notes

Journal Notes allow you to enter notes that can be tagged as "type" and locked in once entered. Users can enter these notes with a type, subject, and body. Once the notes are saved they are permanent record.

Click Journal Notes - a new way to enter notes in SME to learn more.

Warehouse and Business Unit Zones

Improved warehouse management to assign warehouses to zones where the zones can represent different regions or business units.

Click zones to learn more.

Commissions by Item

Set commission rates on an item by item basis using Price Books. Click Commissions by Items to learn more.

User Log in Log out Tracking

SME 7.1 provides you with the ability to track when your users log in and log out of SME.

Click log tracking to learn more.

Program Revision History:
Click Revision History to see detailed revision changes.