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Service Management Online

Efficiently run your help desk or service business with Service Management Online. SMO includes the following best in class features, plus much more.

  • Customer and Job Site management
  • Work Orders with Items, Tasks, and Totaling
  • Items and Invoicing
  • User-defined custom fields for Customers and Jobs to handle inspections or other unique information tracking
  • Automatic QuickBooks™ and QuickBooks Online Syncing using Intuit Cloud Syncing with IPP
  • Fully Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solution providing access anytime and anywhere with PC, Tablet and Smartphone with internet access
  • Works with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Tablets
  • High 5 Software™ Providing Service Management Software for over 20 years

Call now (800) 585-1696 to speak with someone right away or email sales for a prompt response.

Fast, Efficient Help Desk and Service Order Management

  • Help Desk Ticket Management: Customer issues from phone are rapidly entered into the system.
  • Job or Work Order Management: Add chargeable items to orders and assign technician task to orders so work can be completed with the right parts and people.
  • Customer Service (CRM): Customer relationship management (CRM) and Sales force automation tracking prospects.
  • Invoicing / Billing: Invoices are easily created from work orders and automatically synced to QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online with Intuit Partner Platform and Intuit Sync Manager running on the desktop.

More Revenue, Productivity, Tracking, & Efficiency!

  • Productivity & Efficiency: Increase your company's productivity and efficiency by eliminating double entry and having all information available to you in a single all inclusive package.
  • More Billable Hours: Not only will you never miss a billable opportunity again with the use of automated features, but with less people needed for back office activities you can send more workers to the field to generate revenue on billable hours.
  • Expand Your Service Area: Increase your client base with top notch customer service and expand your work region using subcontractors all of which is easily managed within SMO to help boost revenue.
  • Reduce Back Office Processing Time: Shorten the cycle between getting paid and servicing your customers as well as proposal turnover, order/service fulfillment, & invoicing.
  • Longevity: For 20+ years High 5 has been creating long-lasting, trusting relationships with customers looking for irreplaceable software necessary to run their business.

Service Software Solutions With Industry Customization

  • Service Management Enterprise: Provides a complete solution for the service industry to handle sales, customers, service and install orders, invoicing, inventory, document management, contracts, reporting, help desk, and more. SME add-on products include QuickBooks sync, Mobile Tech solutions, Customer portal, Automated email, and Barcode. Choose SME if you need more robust service management with deep inventory management with multiple warehouses and serialized inventory. SME provides a complete service solution with recurring orders or invoices, project management, maintenance contracts, and customization to tune the system for your business. SME is installed on your servers for complete control of the system. Learn More.
  • Service Management Online: Provides a help desk ticketing and work order management solution with automatic integration with QuickBooks&trade or QuickBooks Online; through Intuit® latest sync mechanisms. SMO is fully hosted in the Cloud and offered as a low monthly charge per user.
  • Custom Development: Have us build, support, and integrate the functions and modules you need to make your business work the way you need it to.

How do you fit into our software and how can we help

  • Manager/Executive: Contact active customers & monitor profit/loss on projects, proposals, payments, aging accounts, reports, and users activities. Track open work order volume and get notified for any critical activities. Learn How
  • Sales/Marketing: Track and follow-up with existing sales leads and proposals. Convert proposals into invoices, orders, and customers. Use best practices and sales force automation to generate more revenue. Learn How.
  • Field/In-House Technician/Support: Technicians within SMO will review customer information, perform/monitor work orders, and track customer issues. Learn How (Field). or Learn How (In-House).
  • Accounting/Bookkeeper: Easily convert orders to invoice and automatically sync with QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online for seamless flow between SMO and QuickBooks. Continue to use QuickBooks to enter payments or update customer information and have this automatically update SMO.

Become a More Profitable & Productive Enterprise in Months!

  • Simple Pricing: Your first user is free and receives 30 work orders they can use per month! If your business grows past 30 jobs per month you can get unlimited jobs and add users for only $20 per user per month, automatically billed via ACH or credit card. This includes everything you need to get going with optional QuickBooks sync, customer management, and ticket or order management.
  • Free 30 Day Trial: No obligation trial, no credit card or payment information needed to try!
  • No Obligation Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with SMO, you can cancel your service at any time.

Support, Conversion, Setup, Training, etc.

  • Technical Support: Our support staff is available via phone or email during regular business hours for PST. We also offer our wiki & blog to offer insights & answers to many of our users questions. Learn More
  • Setup & Implementation: SMO is hosted in the cloud so you do not need any servers, just signup, optionally sync with QuickBooks and you are ready to go. You will be up and running in minutes.
  • Training: Training is done via web conferencing or scheduled visits to your site. Training is guided by your needs, questions, and our industry best practices and expertise.