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To setup your company for SME Mobile, go to SME Mobile Master - Admin

To setup and enable users for SME Mobile, go to SME Mobile Master - Assign User Names

To setup and change User Group Preferences, go to SME Mobile - Preference Groups

Order List

When you log in, you will see a list of orders. You can filter and sort the orders showing. For example, you may want to only see your orders, your labor/tasks scheduled or all orders.

Tap Filter to get options on filtering your orders such as showing service orders only, or both service and install. Also choose if you want to see all order, only my orders, or closed orders.

Mobile FilterSortOptions.png

For example, tap the filter on the right and choose My Orders to only see orders assigned to you, or select My Tasks to see a list of Labor time scheduled for you.

SMEMobile ViewOptions.png

If you are using the Dispatch calendar in SME to schedule techs, you probably want to see the labor times you are scheduled for in SME mobile. To see a list of labor time scheduled for you, choose My Tasks and Date Due (image below). Choose either Ascending or Descending.


Open and Update an Order

Select an order. At the top of the order, you will see the Order Number in a box at the top. If the box is white, it will say "save SO#xyz" like in the image below. Click the box and it will turn yellow, indicating the data has been saved in SME.
SMEMobile SaveOrder.png


On this tab, you will see the site address, order status, order summary, etc.
Your administrator may have reduced down the fields on this tab to the ones that are used so your Detail tab may not look like what you are seeing on this page or on the demo.

Click Home to go back to your list of orders

Notes / Documents

This tab includes Services Requested, Services Performed, Site Notes, and Documents
There are two ways you can have your notes setup. Go to Profile > Preferences > UI tab

Append Mode - set to Show
If Append is set, then the user cannot edit what has already been entered in the Services Requested, Service Performed, and Notes. They would enter their text and hit Append to add a new time and date stamped note and tap Append to enter their text.

AppendSS Hide.png

Important: Notice below that after hitting append you will get a notification confirming that the note has successfully saved. If you do not see this your note did not save.


Edit Mode - set to Show
If Edit Mode is set, then the user will be able to enter text directly into the text editor and have the ability to edit notes previously entered. Also, the tech will need to enter their time/date stamp.

AppendSS Show.png

After entering your notes, make sure you click Save at the top. When you see a white “save” box at the top of the order, you will need to click it to save. Once saved, the button will turn yellow.


The Site Notes entered on a customer record will show in this section. You can also add Site Notes in this section in SME Mobile.
To enter a site note in SME, go to the Customer. Click Notes > Site Notes.
Site notes would be notes specific to that customer or job site that your tech would need to see whenever they are working on site.


The Documents section shows stored documents on the Service Order and allows you to upload documents to the order that were Saved in the Database (linked files do not show here)

To upload a doc, click Choose File
Browse for the File
Click Upload.
You will receive a message that file upload complete message.

SMEMobile Documents.png

It can also show stored documents for the Customer the order is for. If you want the order to also show the customer’s stored docs, then click Profile > Preferences > UI. Set CustDocs to Show

Items / Equipment



To Time In/ Time out on a service order, open an order and click the TimeIn/Out button at the bottom of the order (image below)
SMEMobile TimeInOut.png

- Task Timer - This timer is used to track how long a tech is working on a specific task for a specific order. This will add a Labor item to the order for the amount of time tracked. you can choose what service item you want tied to the labor that is entered by choosing the service item before starting the timer.

SMeMobileTech StartTimer.png

You can then X out of the timer window and do your work. When ready to time out, Click Time In/ Out at the bottom of the order again and click Stop.

SMEMobileTech StopTimer.png


Use the Signature button to collect customer signature. The signature is saved for that order.
SMEMObile Signature.png

The signature can be found in the Service or Install Order > Work Requested tab. Click the Signature button to view.