Local installation of the SME executable

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This is NOT the preferred method for setting up SME Client. Click Setting up a client computer to run SME for the preferred method.

The SME Client installer will install the files necessary to run SME from a client computer. You can download the installer from the link below and store the SME5Client installer for future use.

Note: because we have no idea what version of SME you are running always copy the executable from a client computer currently running SME and paste it into the new client SME executable folder overwriting the existing executable. You will also need to copy the alias62.ini per the instructionsbelow.

1. To run SME on a client, as opposed to running over the network, download and run the following installer.

2. When the installation is complete go to a computer running SME
3. Copy the sme5.exe & the Alias62.ini to a network share or writable media or network share.
4 Copy the files from the writable media or network share, sme5.exe and the alias62.ini, and paste into the new client SME installation folder.