What's New 6.3 - Final Build

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  • Phone Number formatting: Now supports extensions, international, and free form formatting. If entered as a string ########## with 10 digits or a 1 and 10 digits, they will be saved as the standard North American format of (###)###-####. Note that if you add any of your own formatting, you will need to manually format the numbers. For example if you enter 3602933000 x101 or 360-293-3000 it save exactly as entered.
  • Email Settings: Now can preview in Outlook. If Outlook is not your client SME will use Outlook Express or another client.
  • Order Summary line – for order and invoices.
  • Classes – Can set default class for Customers, Orders, Items, Services, Labor, Techs.
  • Delete log – now records all deletions in the program.
  • All SME/SQLink logs are moved to a ‘Logs’ folder under sme5\logs.


  • Fixed Rates – from Proposal – new Tab opens if Fixed Rate. The same tab opens in orders to allow changing fixed rate amounts.

Recurring Orders

  • New module allowing entering orders that recur over time.
  • Recurring orders linked to contracts.


  • Adjustable center bar on Service Requested/Performed editor.
  • Past Due warning now comes up when entering a service order.
  • Flat View in orders for the Material Tab and the Customer Equipment tab.
  • Rates & Assignments – Added.. Sales Person, Lead Tech, Primary & Secondary, Assigned to, Class – this is order level class.
  • Item Repair – added custom fields.


  • Serialized. Items selected as serialized with reserve an order detail record for every quantity - Note: you will now need to set inventory items as 'Serialized'. Existing serialized items that have been entered on purchase orders will needd to retrieved in inventory, edited, and have the 'Serialized' flage set.
  • If using SQLink Link options for the GL accounts are automatically set based on SQLink defaults.
  • New Action Menu Items - Clear JIT, Locate JIT orders, Locate Reserved orders.

Purchase Order

  • Class on PO items.
  • Export Bill only based on SQLink settings if integrating with QB - if SQLink is set to only export Bills SME will automatically flag the purchase order for export to QuickBooks.
  • Can now re-export entire PO or Bill- Go to the Actions menu to fully re-export POs and Bills.


  • Added phone fields to contacts and search.


  • Doc Center now called Reports, Document Center called Customized Reports.
  • Updated Report writer component.


  • Inventory Transfers utility.
  • New templates supporting the following:


  • If integrated with SQLink SME now checks for duplication before saving the record.
  • Changed Billing address import - Can now be set to use, Customer, Company, or first line of Billing Address.
  • Changed PO export functionality - now can be set to export Nothing, a PO, POs and Bills, or only Bills.
  • Changed Invoice export for taxes – now exports tax based on SME settings and uses line item taxes to calculate.

Click the 'Attached Files' to review the SME and SQLink corrected issues lists.