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In the Users section of the Setup Module you will create or edit user records. This is where you will:

  • Create login name and password for your SME users
  • Assign user to a User Group which defines their permissions throughout SME
  • Setup technician defaults
  • Choose which users are salespeople

Create New Users

If you are syncing with QuickBooks, employees in QuickBooks will import into SME as Users. It is optional to sync new Users entered in SME to QuickBooks Employees.

Users that import from QuickBooks Employees

The Users that import from QuickBooks can be found in Setup > Users.
1) Go to Setup > Users
2) Click Search > Search Active Users
3) in the Search window that opens, select a name and the user record will open
The following information imports into the SME User from the QuickBooks Employee:
Email (Maps to SME user Personal Email field)

Note: If the Employee record is edited in QuickBooks, the SME User record will get updated. For example, if the Address changes in Employee record, the SME User record will get updated on the next sync.
Note: If you edit a User Record in SME, the Employee record will not get changed in QuickBooks. However, if the Employee is edited in QB the SME User record will get updated and potentially overwrite the changes made to the User record.

Assign Username and Password so the user can log into SME:
-- On the Details tab, enter a username and Password. Confirm the password.
-- Assign the correct user group to the user. (See the User Groups page to learn more.

If the User is a Technician, setup the technician info:
-- You can check Is Technician to make the SME User a technician. The Technician Settings tab will appear where you will assign their default payroll item and service item. See the Labor Editor Defaults page to see how those work.
-- If the Technician will be logging into SME Mobile, you will need to assign them a WebAccess Password on the Technician Settings tab and an Employee ID on the Details tab. Also assign the technician a default warehouse on the Technician Settings tab if applicable. See the Warehouses page to learn how to setup warehouses and assign to tech.

If already added but employee still not appearing in SME

Create New Technician in SME

1) Go to Setup > Users
2) Click New
3) Enter a Name, Login Name, and Password.
4) Click Save at the top
5) Check Is Technician at the bottom.
6) If you want the technician to sync to QuickBooks as an Employee, check Export to QuickBooks and on your next sync, the Employee record will be created in QuickBooks.
NOTE - If you are syncing Timesheets from SME to QuickBooks then the SME Technicians will need to be Employees in QuickBooks. If they aren't, the timesheets can't be created in QuickBooks.
7) Click the Technician Settings tab. Here you will need to setup your Technician's default Payroll Item and Service Item. Click Labor Editor Defaults to learn about how those are used.

8) If your technician will be using SME Mobile, then you will need to setup their WebAccess Password and an Employee ID on the Details tab. Also assign their Warehouse if applicable.
Click the Warehouses page to learn how to setup a warehouse and assign to a tech

Create New Users in SME

1) Go to Setup > Users
2) Click New
3) Enter a Name, Login Name, Password and assign the correct User Group.
4) Click Save at the top
5) You will be prompted to decide if you want to sync the user to QuickBooks. Click Yes and the Employee record will be created in QB on the next sync. Click No and it won't.
If you click No, you can always check Export to QuickBooks on the User Record to set it to sync.

Users that are technicians

When setting up users that are technicians, you can go to the Technician Settings tab to setup their defaults and assign them to workgroups.

Techniciansettingstab small.jpg

Position - reference field for what position the technician is. The drop down list needs to be customized in Setup > Company > Lookup Lists
Hide in Lists - check here if you don't want the technician to display in the technician drop down lists.
Select Dispatch Color - assign a color to your technician. When placing orders on the technician’s schedule, the order header will display the color selected.
Web Access Password - if your technician needs to log into SME Mobile assign a password here.
Tech Rating - this field allows you to arrange the order in which your technicians appear on the dispatch window. The techs with the lowest number will be on the left side.

The Wage Rate, Wage Cost, Service Item and Default Wage Item are all related to the Unit Price and Unit Cost in the labor editor (image below).
Visit the Labor Editor Defaults page for details on how these settings work.
LaborEditor costPrice.jpg

Photo Options – Load a photo by clicking Photo Options > Load and browse for the photo.
Conflict Message – Check here and SME will warn you if you are trying to schedule the technician when the tech is not available.

Work Groups – A work group is a group of technicians that can perform a specific function (e.g. electricians, welders, repair) or technician’s that work in a geographical area. When assigning labor to an order, you can filter your technician list by work group.

You can assign the technician to work groups here. The work groups must first be setup in Utilities > Work Group Editor > Edit Work Groups > Run It. You can also assign techs to work groups in Utilities module.

For more information about setting up and using Work Groups, go to the Dispatch Guide.

Payroll – Select the payroll items that can be used for this technician. The payroll items selected in the the technician settings tab will be available to use in the Labor Editor for that technician. (image below)

Log tab

The log tab will show you when your user logged in and logged out of SME. To export the log to Excel, right click on the grid column header and select Export to Excel.


Email Settings tab

In SME, your users may need to email proposals, service orders, purchase order, invoices, and more. In the User account there is an Email Settings tab. It is recommended that you setup your user’s email settings in User Preferences.