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SME Tapi Capability

Customers would like to have screen pops from the caller ID of phone systems into SME as well as dialing out to the phone system from a telephone number in SME. This requires integration between SME and the customer phone system using a technology called TAPI. Because there are a number of different phone systems, High 5 Software works with third party to provide this capability. The third party company that we work with is called Telcomp, Inc with additional information at http://www.telcomp.com

Telcomp provides two products one for incoming calls into SME and one for outgoing calls from SME to the phone. For incoming calls, the Telcomp system will do an SME customer search and go to the phone number. For outgoing calls, Telcomp will select the phone number and dial out to the phone system. Telcomp handles all the setup and interface into SME.

Contact Telcomp for more information and pricing.