Subcontractor Coordinator or Manager Role

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Subcontractor managers coordinate all jobs for subcontractors. Some companies have no technicians of their own and contract out all work. SME provides a great solution for these type of companies. The subcontractor manager role consists of managing work orders for subs, tracking status of work orders, closing work orders, and managing subcontractor payments:

  • Managing Work Orders for Subcontractors: It's easy to assign subcontractors to work orders, just create a new order (service order, install order, itemized invoice, or proposal) and add a new Service Item under the service tab. While adding information to the service Item, select the subcontractor for the work. The service item cost will be the amount you will pay the subcontractor for this service and the price will be the amount you charge to the customer. You can set subcontractor up for a Cost % so that they earn a percentage of the price charged to customers.
    • Once you assign the subcontractor on the service item, send them a subcontractor assignment order by selecting Print/Email and select "Standard Subcontractor Assignment Order"
  • Tracking Status of Work Orders: It's important to closely track work performed by subcontractors. You should utilize the order status field to track the status of the order with the subcontractor. Work with your SME administrator to setup order status for your business. Some example order status for working with subcontractors can be as follows:
    • Sent to Subcontractor: indicate the order has been sent to the sub
    • Accepted by Subcontractor: indicates the sub received the order and agrees to the work.
    • Completed by Subcontractor: indicates the subcontractor claims they completed the work. It would not be ready to close and invoice but may require confirmation with the customer that the work was completed to their expectation.
  • Closing Work Orders: Once the subcontractor has finished the work, you close and invoice the order.
  • Managing Subcontractor Payments: Once an order is invoiced, a Bill will be sent to QuickBooks with the SQLink program. This will allow reconciliation between subcontractor invoices to you and the bills from SME.
  • Subcontractors and inventory: You have a couple options for managing inventory with subcontractors.
    • You may want to track inventory sent to subcontractors. If this is the case you can setup each subcontractor as a warehouse. Then you can track inventory sent to subcontractors. If subcontractors are sent extra parts or equipment, you can allow them to hold onto the inventory for their next job.
    • You can ship PO's directly to subcontractors by selecting the shipping tab and select Ship To button. Then you select the subcontractor. The PO will show the subcontractor address so then can ship directly to the subcontractor. When the sub receives the parts, they can go perform the work order.