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How to copy a standard report

How to remove a report from the Print/Email menu

Basic report formatting in Report Designer

(example is on an invoice report)

Troubleshooting why orders aren't showing on dispatch calendar

Customizing Search View Basics

Intro to Combined Invoice

Intro to Partial Invoice

What is a JIT Count?

How stock is depleted

Intro to Vendor Items

How to reduce inventory quantity using the reconciliation tool

- reducing qty in SME using reconciliation does not reduce inventory quantity in QB. You will need to adjust qty in QuickBooks as well.
- reducing qty in SME using reconciliation doesn't send a GL Entry to QuickBooks.

Intro to returning equipment from a customer back to inventory

Intro to returning stock from inventory to vendor

- You can only return available stock to a vendor. Stock that is reserved you cannot return to a vendor. First remove it from the order it is reserved on, then it will become available and you can add it to a vendor return.

Creating a PO from a Service Order

Purchase Orders - Linking items from multiple service orders to one PO

Intro to setting up and using warehouses

Mobile Tech Preference Group Options

Using Price Books to charge special prices for specific service items

Using Price Books to markup all inventory by percentage, but not service items