Setting Up SME Client Users

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For setting up a client machine to use SME over the network, these are the steps to follow:
First, on the new client machine, navigate to the network path of the high5software folder (accessed via network IP address as opposed to computer network name)
Open "ClientInstall", and install either the 32(x86) or 64 bit version of the sqlncli.msi file. You can click next through every screen without intervention throughout the install process.
Next, make a shortcut to "sme5.exe" (in the High5Software root folder) on the client machine desktop.
Go to the control panel/windows firewall. On the left-hand pane, click "Advanced Settings".
- Highlight "Inbound Rules" on the left pane, then click "New Rule" on the right hand pane.
Select "Port" from the first page
Leave "TCP" checked, and fill in port number 1433, click next - Allow Connection - Next (domain/pub/work) -> then give it a name (I usually name it _SMETCP, so it's at the top of the list and easy to locate).
Repeat these steps on another "New Rule", except select "UDP" on the second screen, and use port number 1439
Allow/Check all and name _SMEUDP
Click on the "Outbound Rules" tab
Repeat steps to add TCP/UDP rule in outbound rules - note that allow connection won't be checked by default this time, so be sure to switch it on this screen.
Launch shortcut from client machine, and SME should load.