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SQLink for QuickBooks:

SME to QuickBooks Link Synchronization Tool Definitions:

1) QB: QuickBooks® by Intuit® 2) SME: Service Management Professional (version 5) by High 5 Software™ 3) SQLink: SME to QB synchronization program by High 5 Software™

SQLink for QuickBooks is a robust syncing engine linking SME and QuickBooks information. The sync process encompasses four programs:

  • SME – Service Management Enterprise
  • SQLink – SME to QuickBooks Import- Export data engine.
  • QuickBooks by Intuit – all versions from 2004 to the current year. (Note: We have encountered some issues syncing with unsupported versions of QuickBooks . Review the following link regarding Intuit Sunset policies. [1]
  • QBFC – QuickBooks File Connector XML parsing engine. Runs behind the scenes.

The following information covers SME to QuickBooks Sync Points, SQLink Initial Setup, and a module list covering setup, optional settings, and troubleshooting common errors.

Sync Points for SQLink - Sync points between SME and QuickBooks

Initial Setup for SQLink - Running SQLink for the first time with your QuickBooks file

Performing the sync. The sync process can be performed in two ways:
SQLink Full Sync - How to perform the full sync process. SME to QuickBooks and QuickBooks to SME.

Module Sync - How to perform a module by module import/export or manual sync.

QuickBooks lists have character length limitations. THe following page outlines the field length differances between SME and QuickBooks.

SQLink - QuickBooks Name Length limitations - QuickBooks Name Length Limitations.

The following details will be updated soon.

Sync details by module

Troubleshooting errors by module