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High 5 Software now recommends TSplus for remote access due to it's improved performance, easier configuration, and concurrent user licensing terms to match SME. SME will still support other remote desktop solutions, but TSPlus is the preferred solution. Contact High5 if you would like to purchase TSPlus license as we are now a reseller.

SME can be run using Remote Desktop tools such as TSPlus, Microsoft Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), LogMeIn, GoToMyPC or many other programs that allow you to remote into a server or PC.

Hosted SME by High 5 Software: If you purchased hosted server from High 5 Software and want instructions to login and access, please go to SME Hosted Server

Server Solutions


  • High 5 Software is a reseller for TSPlus remote, please contact sales to purchase remote license or purchase services to setup on your own server. Note that this solution is installed for all hosting customers.
  • High5 sells TSPlus licenses for $50 per concurrent user. Installation services are also available at your normal implementation services rates.
  • TSPlus Assign Applications to assign individual applications to users such as SME, SQLink, QB, or desktop

Microsoft Remote Solutions

  • Microsoft has a number of solutions for remote desktop. In previous years it was called Terminal Services (TS). In Server 2008 onward, the name changed to Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (RDS) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
    • To setup RDP, it's best to contact your IT group or IT company as this is integrated within your entire network.
    • Microsoft Server 2012 requires Active Directory, while previous versions such as Server 2008 and earlier do not require Active Directory
    • RemoteApp on Web can also be setup to allow users to access SME through a Internet Explorer Web Browser or RDWeb.
    • RemoteApp installer can be provided to users to install the SME remoteapp onto their computers. If this is made as a shortcut, it will be similar experience to opening other applications on their computer but with additional login screens.
    • Microsoft provides the most up to date information for remote desktop solutions, please contact Microsoft or your IT provider for more information


  • Citrix was one of the original creators of Remote Desktop solutions. Citrix has a number of solutions to provide remote deskop for SME, please contact your IT department or Citrix at

Desktop Solutions

A number of solutions exist to remotely control or run your PC from a remote location. These are meant for a single user to connect to a single laptop back in the office while they are out of the office. For a more robust solution for multiple users, see the server solutions above. Below are a few possible solutions.

  • GoToMyPC
  • LogMeIN
  • many others....