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Latest version of Mobile Tech for SME now allows technicians to only select order status for which they are allowed. When this is set all the order statuses will show, however only the order statuses allowed will be selectable.

In the following example Techs can only set Accepted, Closed, and Need Parts status, all other status are grayed out and not selectable. This only affects Mobile Tech for SME as users in the office will still be able to select any order status.
This example allows the tech to only select Accepted, Closed, or Need Parts statuses. Other status are grayed out so that if the order is on one of those statuses, the tech will know but will only be able to change to one of their statuses allowed.

To configure this option through SQL Management Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and select the SME database and select New Query
  2. Find the Order Status UID with this query: select * from OrderStatus
  3. Run the following query, be sure to replace your uid from the orderstatus where it shows <orderstatus UID here>:
    1. insert into SMESettings (UID, GroupUID, Tag, Value, Label) values (exec GetSMEUID() ,'ADMIN', 'AllowOrderStatus', '<orderstatus UID here>', 'AllowOrderStatus')
    2. Example: insert into SMESettings (UID, GroupUID, Tag, Value, Label) values (exec GetSMEUID() ,'ADMIN', 'AllowOrderStatus', 'LI111909025410392009', 'AllowOrderStatus')
  4. To verify it's set properly run query select * from SMESettings or look in SME Setup>Company>User Groups>Additional Settings for Admin group. You can also see the changes in Mobile Tech order status drop down.

To configure this option through webservices call, follow these steps:

  1. Statuses w/ permission to use can be remotely set via UID using [wsurl]/UpdateSMESettings/AllowOrderStatus/[OrderStatusUID] (without brackets)