SME Basics

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SME Basics

In this chapter, you will learn about the basics of using SME such as navigation, screen elements, and how to use the global features and functions.

SME is designed to be user-friendly and consistent with standard Microsoft Windows® applications. SME utilizes a similar visual design and many of the same navigational and access features as other Windows applications.

SME is organized into separate but fully integrated modules, each of which focuses on key elements of your business. The modules are designed to help you organize and maintain a detailed and accurate database of information, which may be accessed quickly and easily.

This chapter covers basic information that will orient you to SME. This Manual assumes that you have a basic knowledge of Windows and your computer, and will reference basic Windows functions and procedures. For more information about Windows functions and procedures, please review your Windows documentation.


Screen Elements
Record Navigation
Signing In to SME
Working with Data

Before You Begin

This chapter provides information about the basics of SME. To get the most out of this information, you need have a basic knowledge of your computer and of Windows-based software.

This Manual assumes that you have an understanding of the basics of Windows-based software. Consult your Windows or other Windows based

software documentation for more information about basic operations.