SME 8.1 - 8.2 Revision History

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Date: 6/17/2022 Version:

  • Inventory/Added Software and Hardware version to the Mat Details grid
  • Inventory Recon/Modified to use tab and arrow keys
  • System/Fixed navigation button widths

Date: 5/27/2022 Version:

  • Setup/Inventory/Address lines not enabled for editing
  • Vendor/Relabeled Field of Service to Specialty as it conflicted with the actual Field of Service drop down

Date: 5/27/2022 Version:

  • Payment/Balancing payment not pulling in based on billing UID and not calculating correct open invoice amount
  • System/Tech Code/Tech Code to create balancing payments for all invoices based on date range

Date: 5/20/2022 Version:

  • SQLink/Added option to add labor start/end time to the invoice export
  • SQLink/Fixed/Skip employees memo error

Date: 5/01/2022 Version:

  • System/Activities/Corrected query requiring a work group detail to email an activity
  • SQLink/Fixed/Table Closed error on tech export

Date: 3/11/2022 Version:

  • Email/Address Book/Swapped in control for tabbed address book
  • Email/Address Book/Fixed addresses spanning multiple lines
  • Packages/Custom Tables/Added custom tabs for packages
  • Vendor Items/Fixed vendor item number not filling in from orders on PO's
  • Inventory/Fixed/Parent Item removal if the parent item is no longer in QB
  • SQLink/If an item has no parent ID coming from QB, clear parent info in SME

Date: 2/11/2022 Version:

  • System/Memos/Added html code to manage text starting with a bulleted list
  • System/Layout/Fixed button overlap

Date: 2/04/2022 Version:

  • Inventory/Reconciliation/Added item cost to the grid

Date: 1/14/2022 Version:

  • Recurring/Search/Multiple searches were causing errors

Date: 12/03/2021 Version:

  • Email/MAPI/Changed email body to plain text to work better with MAPI
  • Packages/Fixed/Retail level on package item breakouts

Date: 11/12/2021 Version:

  • Email/MAPI/Email bodies not working correctly with MAPI settings.

Date: 10/21/2021 Version:

  • Recurring/Modified/Modified recurring to keep terms and salesperson separate with an option in Setup> Company> Recurring. When generating orders/invoices from recurring order, don't copy over terms and salesperson information from customer, unless flag is set.

Date: 10/21/2021 Version:

  • Recurring/Modified/Modified recurring to keep terms and salesperson separate with an option in Setup> Company> Recurring. When generating orders/invoices from recurring order, don't copy over terms and salesperson information from customer, unless flag is set.

Date: 10/1/2021 Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Added manufacture part number to the material grids on the item editor and order materials grid
  • Proposals/Modified/Added Action menu item 'Remove inactive inventory' to remove inactive inventory from cloned orders

Date: 9/10/2021 Version:

  • System/Memo Editor/Updated the memo editor with latest fixes. Corrects a host of issues around formatting, displa, copy & paste

Date: 8/20/2021 Version:

  • Dispatch/Modified/Set system to use Rich Text fields for loading Dispatch as HTML was causing slowness loading large amounts of text
  • System/Incoming Email/Added [Order Number] to the beginning of the Summary field for auto Outgoing emails

Date: 7/16/2021 Version:

  • System/Removed unused field for labor assignment
  • System/Added flag to print/batch email to isolate past due invoices
  • SQLink/added option and logic to send SME Outgoing email to QuickBooks Alt Email 1

Date: 6/11/2021 Version:

  • System/Memo Fields/Fixed CSS style string duplications when editing memos - Service Requested/Performed
  • SQLink\Added\Billable company to GL entries

Date: 4/23/2021 Version:

  • System/Reporting/Installed update to HTML component
  • SQLink\Fixed - do not update username when importing sales persons
  • SQLink\Fixed - table not open when importing customer types

Date: 4/16/2021 Version:

  • System\Archiving\Skip payment types as they get auto created if missing

Date: 4/16/2021 Version:

  • System\Setup\Inventory\Snapshot\Added ability to trim the inventory snapshot file when it becomes bloated
  • System\Utilities\Archiving\Added ability to select your own archive folder path

Date: 2/26/2021/ Version:

  • System/Update/Updated HTML components to the latest versions
  • SQLink/Updated to use the latest HTML components for export

Date: 2/19/2021 Version:

  • Assets/Computers/Fixed location field selection
  • SQLink/Invoice Export/Modified code to strip unprintable characters from notes fields

Date: 1/29/2021 Version:

  • Proposals/Direct Sales/Fixed default Search Views
  • SQLink/Customer Export/More modifications to correct customer export to QuickBooks

Date: 1/15/2021 Version:

  • System/UI/corrected some field overlapping and display issues.
  • System/Permissions/Form Code - corrected logic
  • SQLink/Customer Export/Modified to correct customer export to QuickBooks

Date: 1/8/2021 Version:

  • System/UI/corrected some field overlapping and display issues.
  • Dispatch/Modified/Moved spacing between buttons for 'Remove Tech' and Refresh'

Date: 12/18/2020 Version:

  • System/Orders/Summary line allowed for text over flow.
  • System/Payments/Error when canceling a payment with a notification

Date: 11/14/2020/ Version:

  • System/Memo fields/Update to the editor to correct font and other HTML issues.

Date: 11/06/2020/ Version:

  • Inventory/Reconciliation/Modified to allow selecting the batch date.(Note: This does not change the actual date of the transaction).
  • System/Recurring/Modified to include copy tax group, price book, salesperson, terms from customer settings to the Recurring modules when generating recurring invoices/orders

Date: 10/30/2020/ Version:

  • System/Editors/Fonts now used in memo fields will print correctly

Date: 10/23/2020/ Version:

  • System/Memo fields/Corrected URL launching

Date: 10/19/2020/ Version:

  • System/Memo fields/Modified flag to correct data field corruption when printing forms

Date: 10/16/2020/ Version:

  • System/Setup/Changed setup to a tabbed layout and corrected field over lapping

Date: 10/9/2020/ Version: - not released

Date: 10/2/2020/ Version: - not released

Date: 9/25/2020/ Version:

  • System/Reporting/Testing on reporting components
  • SQLink/Import/Modified to accept importing customers with 100's of ship to addresses. Intuit had limit at 50 prior to QB 2019.

Date: 9/4/2020/ Version:

  • Recurring Orders/Details Tab/Added Trip Charge field
  • Utilities/Price Books/Update all details when Price Book name changes

Date: 8/28/2020/ Version: Released

  • System/Reporting/Update of reporting font component broke data field display

Date: 8/21/2020/ Version: Released/SQLink

  • System/Activities/Fixed error when selecting the activity twice
  • System/Reporting/Updated components not working correctly
  • SQLink/Modified/Changed invoice deletes due to Intuit changes regarding invoice deletions

Date: 8/14/2020/ Version: - not released

Date: 8/7/2020/ Version:

  • System/SQLink/Added option to skip user notes on employee import
  • System/SQLink/QuickBooks version no longer required - removed from setup

Date: 6/26/2020/ Version:

  • Utilities/Export/Clear double quotes from all fields before exporting

Date: 6/10/2020/ Version:

  • Orders/Order Material Editor/Corrected field overlap and error when canceling out of Search
  • System/Tech Code/Updated FTP sites

Date: 5/8/2020 Version:

  • System/Modified auto upload/update FTP locations

Date: 5/1/2020 Version:

  • Purchase Order/Modified/Added ability to add Non Inventory items from the Orders Modules

Date: 4/17/2020 Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Adding new service item from orders

Date: 4/17/2020 Version:

  • Inventory/Landed Costs/Query correction

Date: 4/10/2020 Version:

  • Inventory/Landed Costs/Modified functionality. Added grid sorting and selection. Added Action Item to the menu for adjusting individual landed costs.

Date: 3/20/2020/ Version:

  • System/Added/Added custom tables to Service Items

Date: 2/28/2020/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Importing package items on the Order Items and material tabs
  • System/Fixed/misspelling on backup prompt

Date: 2/07/2020/ Version:

  • Reports/Fixed/Report designer error when accessing some tables
  • Reports/Fixed/Do not add CSS lines to signatures

Date: 1/31/2020/ Version:

  • Vendor Item/Update/Vendor items are now linked directly to the material details
  • Vendor Item/Update/Vendor items PO's are now updating Cost/Retail based on the vendor
  • Email/Fixed/Assigning Email addresses to Copy and Blind Copy fields
  • Email/Fixed/Sort order of email addresses in address selection

Date: 11/15/2019/ Version:

  • SQLink/Modified/Added export Invoice Summary to QuickBooks Invoice Memo
  • SQLink/Modified/Removed all but one blank line on the QuickBooks invoice for Service notes
  • SME/User Groups/Fixed/User group options not showing after a change
  • SME/User Setup/Log Tab/Right Click Export log now functioning

Date: 10/11/2019/ Version:

  • SME/Added key fields to order conversion to speed conversion
  • SME/Tech Code/Updated Scheduled Service to Recurring Orders conversion to only use the existing date information from Scheduled Services in Recurring Orders

Date: 8/16/2019/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Subtotaling update on all Order Item grids

Date: 7/26/2019/ Version:

  • System/Updated/TLS version to work with Microsoft Office365 email
  • Customer Equipment/Added/SMPSystem to the module grid
  • Customer Equipment/Modified the grid. It can now be rearranged
  • Modules/Modified/Added Is Equipment flag to all Order Item Tabs for all modules

Date: 7/12/2019/ Version:

  • System/Conversion/Conversion issues regarding database connections during the process

Date: 6/7/2019/ Version:

  • System/Data Conversion/Clear all functions prior to starting the conversion

Date: 5/31/2019/ Version:

  • System/Data/Normalized all numeric fields

Date: 5/17/2019/ Version:

  • System/Batch Print/Component freezing due to grid update
  • RMA/Reverse/Corrected reversing an RMA
  • RMA/Added/Jump to order
  • System/Updated/Updated the reporting HTML component with added functionality

Date: 5/12/2019/ Version: Not released

Date: 5/10/2019/ Version:

  • System/Converting/Set Scheduled Services ending date when it's not set prior to conversion.
  • System/Propagating/Now correctly propagates all address and email info. Must be processed separately.

Date: 4/29/2018/ Version:

  • Batch Print/Fixed/Customer UID was not filling in and writing the batch record details to the customer Journal
  • System/Invoice/Fixed error on order to invoice conversion when the error was a zero records error

Date: 4/22/2018/ Version:

  • System/Added/Added a system UID for any place in SME where an order UID was not written.

Date: 4/5/2018/ Version:

  • System/Propagate/Using the .87 query method to manage all propagation. Propagation was timing out on long running queries
  • System/Propagate/Now updates all associated module records

Date: 3/22/2018/ Version:

  • System/Added/Method to remove long running queries from the application into SQL for quicker processing

Date: 3/8/2018/ Version:

  • System/Recurring Orders/Fixed issues when converting Scheduled Services to Recurring Orders
  • System/Tech Compliance/Reviewing tech compliance

Date: 2/25/2018/ Version: - not released

  • RMA/Completed/Reversing an RMA. Still not compatible with all types of RMAs

Date: 2/25/2018/ Version: not released

Date: 2/1/2018/ Version: - not released

Date: 2/1/2018/ Version:

  • RMA/Added/Reversing RMA and adding item back to stock

Date: 1/25/2018/ Version:

  • Customer Equipment/Modified/Add order aid to all manually entered customer equipment records
  • System/Licensing/Added alternative sites to check for licensing should one fail

Date: 1/25/2018/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Currency set to Hong Kong was causing Recurring invoice failure
  • SQLink/Export/Strip out all HTML tags as QB is not in RTF for memo fields
  • Routines/Contacts Update/Bad field name was causing contact update issues
  • Routines/Memo fields/Now strip HTML when exporting

Date: 12/7/2018/ Version:

  • System/Archive/Set archive queries to 'not' look for unrelated records that have already been archived

Date: 11/30/2018/ Version:

  • System/Orders/If a repair item existed system was querying the entire customer equipment list instead of the specific item you required

Date: 11/9/2018/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Global field showing after update

Date: 10/26/2018/ Version:

  • System/Email/Send email body out as text since MAPI was dropping the info
  • SQLink/Modified/Added Class ID to the qb export

Date: 10/19/2018/ Version:

  • Scheduled Service/Convert with a service item of 'Maintenance' type if Scheduled Service has no items

Date: 09/28/2018/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Duplication - when duplicating customers do not duplicate billing information
  • Scheduled Service/Added/Tech code to convert all Scheduled Services to Recurring Orders in anticipation of eliminating Scheduled Services

Date: 09/26/2018/ Version:

  • System/Advanced Search/Fixed error when clicking on the 'Notes' option

Date: 09/15/2018/ Version:

  • System/Email/Email body text was not copying to Outlook when set to MAPI
  • System/Reports/Error on sending email on some systems due to the Standard font used in all reports
  • System/Orders/Not able to invoice a fully closed partial order after adding a new item to the order due to the order/invoice calculations
  • System/Logon/Clear user/password fields after failed log on attempt

Date: 08/30/2018/ Version:

  • Inventory/Reconciliation/Filling inventory reconciliation and not posting the same day was moving all inventory to the virtual location
  • System/Sales/Notes/Modified to copy Sales Site notes to Customer when converting
  • Setup/User/Fixed issue allowing an employee to set themselves as supervisor causing infinite loop

Date: 08/03/2018/ Version:

  • SQLink/Modified/No longer can import Notes from QuickBooks since they corrupt the SME notes
  • SME/System/Do not import QuickBooks notes due to Rich Text vs HTML

Date: 07/27/2018/ Version:

  • Customer/Maintenance Contracts/Error when adding Scheduled Service from Maintenance Contracts
  • System/Import/Proposal error coming up if the user was in the proposal module and went to Utilities/Import
  • Proposal/Conversion/Fixed issue when converting due to item allocation when all on hand were reserved
  • System/Print Pack/Further attempts to get printing/emailing working correctly with Print Pack

Date: 07/20/2018/ Version:

  • SQLink/Modified/Added serial numbers to GL export memo line

Date: 06/08/2018/ Version:

  • System/Printing/Print Packet was locking up when printing

Date: 05/18/2018/ Version:

  • Inventory/Fixed/Stock recording the 'actual' date added as opposed to adding to existing stock records from another year

Date: 04/13/2018/ Version:

  • System/SQL logic/Dropped all unnecessary fields from the search building logic for speed improvement
  • PO/Fixed/Order status was not clearing due the procedure getting called twice

Date: 03/23/2018/ Version:

  • Dispatch/Fixed/Deleting techs with vehicles were not removing the vehicle from the order
  • Custom Details/Fixed/Custom details were getting dropped due to flag on the header clearing on Save

Date: 03/16/2018/ Version:

  • Custom Tables/Views/Fields not getting dropped from views when they are dropped from the modules

Date: 03/8/2018/ Version:

  • Search/Fixed/Error when a UID was included in a search

Date: 02/23/2018/ Version:

  • Inventory/RMA/Fixed so the location picked when returning can be different than the default location
  • Inventory/Material Detail/Modified rounding for order items

Date: 01/12/2018/ Version:

  • System/Editor/Modified CSS so images can be resized
  • Inventory/Add Stock/Require new inventory item to be saved before adding stock
  • Inventory/Transactions/Modified transaction info to correctly show added stock from inventory vs system
  • SQLink/Fixed/Notes not clearing out when exporting invoices with revised notes
  • SQLink/Fixed/Save shipping addresses correctly on export to QB

Date: 11/24/2017/ Version:

  • Invoicing/Modified/Creating invoice would occasionally not create due to package items
  • System/Custom Detail/Fixed issue when adding custom details when custom tables existed
  • System/Cloning/Fixed customer UID not inserted on all cloned proposals

Date: 10/27/2017/ Version:

  • Inventory/Fixed/Rounding error caused by records in inventory sub table

Date: 09/29/2017/ Version:

  • Customers/Prepaid/Activity flag not clearing out when Maintenance or Warranty was selected on a prepaid order

Date: 09/22/2017/ Version:

  • System/Speed/Modified SQL to speed up SME
  • Invoicing/Fixed Rate/Fixed bug due to calculating when percent was less than zero

Date: 09/08/2017/ Version:

  • System/Grids/Rebuild with underscore in the name due to bug in the component

Date: 08/25/2017/ Version:

  • System/Export/Modified to keep prompting for a file name as long as the view name is blank
  • System/Modules/Saving-Restoring views when sub grids change
  • System/Dispatch/Set dispatch default timer to 10 minutes if it has not been set

Date: 08/18/2017/ Version: - not released

Date: 08/011/2017/ Version:

  • System/Editor/Fixed tabbing in editors
  • System/Tech Codes/Fixed uploading/downloading for tech codes

Date: 08/04/2017/ Version:

  • PO/Modified/Added due date to the grids
  • Inventory/Fixed/Parent item field was not clearing when deleted

Date: 07/28/2017/ Version:

  • System/Views/Fixed Quick Jump logic

Date: 07/21/2017/ Version:

  • System/Views/Changed to always go to the first record on Radio button changes
  • System/Views/Modified to not drop the current view if closing orders

Date: 06/17/2017/ Version:

  • System/Navigation/Error when using Next/Last button and only one record in the filtered data
  • System/Navigation/Change order filters and queries loading for modules
  • System/Navigation/View lookup modification to do lookups on limited field list

Date: 06/16/2017/ Version:

  • System/Search/Modified to only use a limited field list and not every field in the grid
  • System/Navigation/Next-Last button not actually saving the 'last' record looked at
  • System/Search/Modifying queries that load the search grids

Date: 06/09/2017/ Version:

  • System/Conversion/Redo image handling when converting orders with 100's of images
  • PO/Fixed/Speed when opening PO with 100KK of inventory items
  • Inventory/Parent Item/Programed the drop down to do a lookup of items

Date: 06/02/2017/ Version:

  • System/Routines/Library revision to compile under SQL 2012

Date: 05/26/2017/ Version:

  • Inventory/Modified/Parent Item lookup not loading the list

Date: 05/12/2017/ Version:

  • System/Editor/Fixed/RTF conversion issues
  • Orders/Service/Install/Fixed blocking routines keeping order from closing

Date: 05/01/2017/ Version: - not released

Date: 05/01/2017/ Version:

  • System/Editor/Worked with component to get cursor working
  • SQLink/Fixed/A/V error when saving new records into SME

Date: 04/07/2017/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Moved document field to directory to only show on the stored documents tab

Date: 03/31/2017/ Version:

  • Proposals/Fixed/Error when converting service items from packages to orders

Date: 03/24/2017/ Version:

  • System/Added/Option for time stamp in memos

Date: 03/10/2017/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Error when deleting a class which was a child of another class

Date: 03/04/2017/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Component for memo editing

Date: 03/03/2017/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Getting error when emailing due to new report components

Date: 02/24/2017/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Dot net error on allocation
  • Purchase Order/Modified/How order quantity is calculated for PO generation
  • System/Modified/Made the doc directory field path smaller to free up screen real estate

Date: 02/10/2017/ Version:

  • Reports/Modified/Embedded the Windows path to the CSS in each order since occasionally it was not found.
  • Email/Added/Email template bodies - can now set up email templates and use in the modules

Date: 02/05/2017/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Grids causing errors when selecting columns from the column picker

Date: 01/20/2017/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Remove limit on number of days for calculating finance charges
  • Orders/Fixed/Travel Charges and other charges not carrying to the invoice

Date: 01/16/2017/ Version:

  • Dispatch/Fixed/Refresh setting in Setup> Company> System was not refreshing

Date: 01/14/2017/ Version:

  • Custom Tables/Fixed/Custom table for Customer Equipment was not named correctly causing issues with search availability
  • Custom Tables/Modified/Changed wording in designer from 'Boolean' to 'True/False'
  • Customer/Modified/Changed ordering of tabbing on Prepaid Service Editor
  • System/Modified/Excel export will now default to .xlsx
  • System/Fixed/PO Status not updating when a PO was closed

Date: 12/23/2016/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Removal of a field was causing the forms to malfunction and lock up SME
  • System/Fixed/Update was getting stuck in single user mode in SQL

Date: 12/20/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Expanded width of document directory fields to 255 characters to match Windows conventions
  • Orders/Fixed/Dot Net error converting orders due to new 'Auto Deliver Reserved on Invoice' flag
  • Recurring/Modified/Invoice line now displays as long date Month/day/year
  • Reports/Fixed/Custom reports now backed up to common files Reports\backup in a zip file
  • Orders/Fixed/Virtual warehouse showing up for selection

Date: 12/03/2016/ Version:

  • Not released

Date: 12/02/2016/ Version:

  • Proposal/Added/Bid Code required flag
  • Orders/Fixed/Class now changes when Service item changes
  • System/Fixed/Update was not functional
  • System/Fixed/Virtual warehouse was showing for serial number selection

Date: 11/28/2016/ Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Price Book change on Rates tab now changes the price book on all un-invoiced items on the order

Date: 11/25/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Fixed/Customer Equipment serial number not filling in when linked on invoice reports

Date: 11/11/2016/ Version:

  • System/Orders/Added flag to automatically set reserved when invoicing an order
  • System/Fixed/Purchase Orders receiving items with vendor item costs was updating inventory record, but adding material details with incorrect cost
  • Inventory/Fix/Parent item changes when item was not a QB item

Date: 11/04/2016/ Version:

  • Orders/Revised Fix/Order Details subtotals were not recalculating

Date: 10/11/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Fixed/Proposal-Order linking tables
  • Orders/Fixed/Order Details subtotals were not recalculating

Date: 10/04/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Modified/Prompts when there is no data found for the report

Date: 09/16/2016/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Tech Code to upload custom reports (988)

Date: 09/14/2016/ Version:

  • SQLink\Fixed\Payments now use the specific account assigned to the pay method and not a generic account

Date: 09/12/2016/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Issue connecting to database and issues with database getting stuck in single user mode when updating

Date: 09/08/2016/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Memo fields were scrambling text when scrolling.

Date: 08/29/2016/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Issue connecting to database when making new alias

Date: 08/06/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Memo editor now uses CCS for text styling

Date: 08/05/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Updates to custom memo editor

Date: 08/05/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Released 8.2 as new version with custom revision to editing functionality. 8.2 is exactly the same as 8.1 with the exception of editing.
  • Orders/Fixed/Taxes on Fixed rates tab

Date: 08/04/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Report component for memo fields - tech code 8316

Date: 07/26/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Report component for memo fields

Date: 07/14/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Editor for memo fields

Date: 07/12/2016/ Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Added vendor name to the vendor item lookup
  • Customer/Fixed/Customer> History> Recurring Order double click an order resulted in error
  • Orders/Fixed/Arriving start time of 12:00 now correctly calculates scheduled time
  • Vendors/Modified/Subcontractor tab - added Company & Account Number to the history grid

Date: 06/27/2016/ Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Added flags to better handle when order items are voided

Date: 06/10/2016/ Version:

  • System/Search/Corrected bug when some parameters are not available in another module and you use the view

Date: 06/09/2016/ Version:

  • Purchase Order/Batch PO/Fixed bad field names in Search view
  • Orders/Fixed/Subcontractor view not pulling in the subcontractors in Details and Settings or the labor editor
  • Contacts/Fixed/Is Active flag not always allowing saving

Date: 06/08/2016/ Version:

  • System/Bulk Purchase Order/Save-Restore grid filter
  • System/Bulk Purchase Order/Added Status panel to the bottom of the form and logic to show specific stats; number of records, number of PO's generated, how many PO's should generate based on filter conditions
  • System/Modified/When converting Proposals from Cloned orders for new customers, and the customer does not exist, create the customer from the proposal

Date: 06/03/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Designer/Added time sheets to specifiers

Date: 05/30/2016/ Version:

  • System/Email/Issue when auto emailing Purchase Orders

Date: 05/27/2016/ Version:

  • Recurring Orders/Fixed/Assigned to field length mismatch between Activity Table and modules was causing errors when generating recurring orders

Date: 05/18/2016/ Version:

  • System/Email/Added a wait processor to the email function to attempt to avoid the Socket error

Date: 05/12/2016/ Version:

  • System/Added/Tech code for customer specific issue
  • Purchase Order/Fixed/Issue recalculating inventory detail when item quantities change for items on orders

Date: 05/05/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Added/Report table source to avoid long queries when writing reports combining order/invoice modules

Date: 03/31/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Added/Modified queries for standard reports. Cleanup bad queries, etc…

Date: 04/19/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Added/Added equipment details for service, install, and invoice reports
  • Reports/Added/Ability to filter to sub details on report detail specifiers tab
  • Reports/Added/Item Cost & Item Price as calculated fields
  • SQLink/Fixed/Exporting Proposal discounts

Date: 04/14/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Can now preview a report regardless of type from the designer

Date: 03/31/2016/ Version:

  • Orders/Order Item Editor/Fixed: Set the override cost flag based on customer custom settings AFTER initializing for the first time

Date: 04/13/2016/ Version:

  • System/Conversion/Drop triggers when converting to avoid running unnecessarily
  • System/Conversion/Force index rebuild after conversions
  • Payments/Pay methods/Do not clear Pay method QBID when importing. Use pay method QBID for payment reference
  • System/Inventory/Tech code to check between inventory detail and material detail for counts that do *not match and recalculate counts.
  • Orders/Order Item Editor/Toggling the lock cost flag was not correctly updating the cost from equipment items

Date: 03/31/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Updated conversion to handle converting from older versions.

Date: 03/30/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Updated reporting designer components to the latest versions

Date: 03/29/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Updated reporting HTML components to the latest versions

Date: 03/24/2016/ Version:

  • System/Conversion/Limited release to correct UID generation on custom tables

Date: 03/23/2016/ Version:

  • System/Task Records/Modified so the Available count is always set to the Billable Quantity
  • System/Task Records /Modified to allow for zero in the included count for labor records
  • System/Task Records /Modified for Proposal to match orders
  • System/Email/Make sure copies are set to 1

Date: 03/22/2016/ Version:

  • Orders/Grids/Added Actual cost and Average Cost to order grids

Date: 03/10/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Modified to show is standard flag
  • System/Global/Modified no longer jumps to first record in table when deleting a record

Date: 03/09/2016/ Version:

  • System/Item Editors/Changed Override Cost to Lock Cost
  • System/Item Editors/Changed functionality to not change cost even if item number changes
  • System/Reports/Fixed the report file name disappearing
  • System/Reports/Modified to limit query pulls to 1 record to speed development of reports

Date: 03/08/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Functionality changes to the

Date: 03/07/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Added the Master Data pipeline settings to the report designer

Date: 02/23/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Modified to include all possible custom tables
  • System/Reports/Added logic to check if the table exists in the query before running the report
  • System/Reports/Update notes field to track changes to reports
  • System/Reports/Added function, 'CTRL-U' to add time stamp editor to the notes window
  • System/Reports/Modified tech code '802' now prompts to export, Custom, Standard, or Both
  • System/Reports/Modified tech code '12916' options to clean up existing reports.
  1. Delete – Will delete all doc entries in SME and RTM files… only to be used with High5 support
  2. Delete MISMATCH – SME will scan the reports folders and delete report showing up in search without an actual report in the file system.
  3. Clean Directory – Will transverse the report files and check if it’s actually used. If unused the report will be deleted unless it’s a template report.

Date: 02/19/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Fixed Test Query so the 'preview' tab in the designer now works
  • System/Reports/Fixed speed issue opening query reports
  • System/Reports/Added the report file name to the caption of the designer
  • System/Timesheets/Fixed deleting timesheet was not recalculating the order task records

Date: 02/18/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Revised tech codes 135/136

Date: 02/17/2016/ Version:

  • System/Reports/Reviewing all custom reports for SME to make sure all of the latest changes are working
  • System/Memo fields/Embedding pictures broke with reporting component update. Found a way to correct the issue.
  • System/Certifications/Fixed loading the vendor name from the tech certification screen
  • Orders/From Mobile/Create and initialize custom record information

Date: 02/15/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Tech certification added to the custom tables
  • System/Added/Vendor lookup added to tech certifications
  • System/Vendor/Added vendor lookup to the tech certification editor
  • System/Custom Tables/Added tech certifications to the custom tables
  • Invoice/Fixed Invoice/Fixed calculating invoiced status on fixed invoices with order details

Date: 02/11/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/After creating a new order set the focus on the order summary
  • System/Reports/Modified root reports to use two new folders under the High5Software\Reports folder. Now Reports\Standard - SME canned reports and Reports\Custom - customer custom reports.
  • System/Reports/Modified saving of reports to always prefix with Standard, if a canned report and Custom for all custom reports.
  • System/Orders & Invoices/On new orders set focus on order summary

Date: 02/05/2016/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Set vendor name field from tech certification screen
  • System/Modified/Images in text fields not getting correctly embedded since a component update broke the logic to embed the image.
  • Reports/Modified/Tech code 135 now rebuilds standard reports and cleans up custom reports
  • Reports/Modified/Keep the report name in the caption of the designer
  • Reports/Fixed/Speed when opening reports
  • Orders/Time Sheets/Deleting a time sheet record was not always recalculating the time fields
  • SQLink/Modified/Flag item discounts as nontaxable regardless of default setting

Date: 02/04/2016/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Infinite loop issue for updating orders with many serialized items
  • Orders/Fixed/Issue opening orders with CL in the HTML string.
  • SQLink/Modified/Package export. Items not set as summarized if export set as summarized

Date: 02/02/2016/ Version:

  • System/Getting seat count when logged in as Admin
  • Reports/Modified/Prompt when running tech code 12916 asking if you want to keep custom reports

Date: 01/29/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Fixed/Inventory Snapshot report
  • Reports/Modified/Tech Code to delete all custom reports and restore only standard reports-12916
  • Reports/Modified/Tech Code 802 - now prompts to backup only custom reports for uploading to High5
  • Reports/Modified/All High5 reports will be prefixed with the word 'Standard'
  • Reports/Modified/When opening designer make sure all reports have a file

Date: 01/28/2016/ Version:

  • Reports/Modified/Report editing taking too long to open up when editing a report

Date: 01/25/2016/ Version:

  • Scheduled Services/Fixed/Day count was off by 1 due to leap year
  • Orders/Fixed/If Assigned To was a Work Group the work group name would not populate
  • Orders/Fixed/Issue when selecting items from mobile
  • Inventory Transfer/Fixed/If the transfer does not have a detail connection relink the data or create a new link and use it
  • System/Modified/Information on the Class prompt dialogue pop-up
  • System/Added/Default Price Book. Setting is under: Setup> Company> Customer Defaults> Rates & Charges Defaults> Price Book.
  • System/Issues/Modified to integrate better with auto incoming email

Date: 01/14/2016/ Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Rewrote data import from Order Items tab to include cost and retail
  • Inventory/Modified/Removed vendor update prompt when the vendor flag in Setup> Company> Inventory is 'UnChecked'
  • Inventory/Modified/Will now update inventory if any markup flags are set
  • Inventory/Added/Tech Code to batch process all inventory items with any Markup flags set
  • System/Added/Class requirement for PO module now optional
  • Of the above items the PO Class & Vendor prompt are new flags on the Setup> company> inventory page in SME.


Date: 01/12/2016/ Version:

  • Inventory/Modified/Allow non inventory to be RMA'd
  • Orders/Fixed/Set Labor Cost to the Service Item labor Cost when entered from mobile
  • System/Modified/SQL functionality to address speed issues in very active databases
  • SQLink/Modified/Allow importing of QB items when QB allows duplicate QB ID's - Tax Related

Date: 12/22/2015/ Version:

  • Dispatch/Fixed/Cannot drag an order to Dispatch that has an Order Status set to 'Not' show in Dispatch
  • Inventory/Added/Option to not prompt to update Vendor Items - 'Advanced Vendor Options'
  • Batch Print/Modified/Filter out Voided Orders
  • Orders/Fixed/Calculating taxes on Fixed Rate records
  • System/Modified/Functionality for saving records

Date: 12/15/2015/ Version:

  • Purchase Order/Fixed/Order Status/Order Status changing on orders where items had already been received.
  • Purchase Order/Modified/Reorder quantity pulling from incorrect record
  • Purchase Order/Modified/Batch PO initializing from wrong routine
  • Maintenance Contracts/Fixed/Could not remove invoice from contract
  • Inventory/Fixed/When on non-inventory item the Stock & Material Detail tabs were still showing. They should not.

Date: 12/14/2015/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Functionality for SQL 2012 and beyond
  • System/Modified/Functionality for record locking

Date: 12/10/2015/ Version:

  • Inventory/Fixed/Stock Add form not closing

Date: 11/12/2015/ Version:

  • Purchase Order/Fixed/Removing POItems causing order items to go into a JIT status when linked and the POItem had not been received. Which could cause Invoiced items to go into a JIT status.

Date: 11/02/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Cost zeroing out when added to the order

Date: 10/28/2015/ Version:

  • System/Added/Permission to delete closed Purchase orders flag
  • Orders/Added/Unavailable time records now calculate scheduled hours.
  • System/Added/Autorun tech code to calculated scheduled hours on future unavailable records.

Date: 10/14/2015/ Version:

  • Inventory/Reconcile/Fixed/The label on allocation screen for needed count to fulfill required action
  • Inventory/Reconcile/Added/Button on allocation screen to auto revert reserved items to allocated status until count needed is met
  • Inventory/Reconcile/Modified/Moved the prompt to close batch to AFTER the reconciliation logic has taken place, and displays the number of unreconciled records remaining that require further action.
  • Inventory/Reconcile/Modified/When creating material detail for physical count use current cost/retail from inventory
  • Inventory/Reconcile/Fixed/Spelling for 'physical count record not found' message

Date: 10/12/2015/ Version:

  • Vendors/Modified/Added Cost and Retail to the update logic for Vendor Items

Date: 10/09/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Added/Link Service Item to Wage Item
  • Orders/Added/When Changing service item initialize the wage item
  • Orders/Fixed/Selection button disabled on editors
  • Orders/Fixed/Order Items tab spelling error

Date: 10/05/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Opened Labor Cost to allow editing after invoicing. Note: the Cost can only be adjusted if the Billing status or Price Book does not link Scheduled and Billing

Date: 10/03/2015/ Version:

  • Utilities/Modified/Inventory Reconciliation now has a button to Accept all items in the batch. Note: You must do Import Physical Counts prior to accepting all items.

Date: 09/30/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Labor Editor Tech lookup was not placing selection in the Tech field

Date: 09/22/2015/ Version:

  • PO/Added/Ability to update inventory cost and retail from the DEFAULT LANDED vendor/vendor items
  • Orders/Modified/If user cannot edit invoiced orders they also cannot edit the line items in any way, if the line item has been invoiced. If user can edit invoiced orders, they can also edit the line items, unless the line items are fully invoiced, in which case, specific fields are blocked. If user has ability to edit orders they can add line items to invoiced orders.
  • System/Fixed/Lists - Service Codes were causing SME to freeze when edited
  • Vendor Items/Added/Update options after editing record
  • Inventory/Added/Prompt to update all Vendor Items if select fields have changed
  • Vendor Items/Added/Vendor Items can be updated when select fields on the inventory item changes
  • Vendor/Added/Action menu item to add vendor items when the vendor is a parent vendor
  • Vendor/Fixed/Child vendors were updating from parent based on ParentID and not the ParentUID
  • Inventory/Added/Logic to clone vendor item record (if found) from the inventory default vendor for each child vendor (if found, and vendor item doesn't exist for vendor's default zone)

Date: 09/14/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Allow editing of selected fields when the order is fully invoiced.
  • Inventory/Modified/Update landed cost from PO
  • Vendors/Added/MSRP field

Date: 09/04/2015/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Search now excludes Voided orders
  • System/Fixed/Tax mode was backwards. Using U.S. taxes in Canadian mode

Date: 08/30/2015/ Version:

  • Inventory Reconciliation/Fixed/Sort on Item Name was not sorting

Date: 08/28/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Work Group filtering when editing a labor entry with only the work group selected
  • Customer/Fixed/Error when deleting a customer
  • Purchase Order/Fixed/Class check now checking in PO module
  • Orders/Fixed/Total Cost not updating based on quantity

Date: 08/20/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Errors converting when item records have null values from historical data
  • Inventory Recon/Converting imported records to a batch
  • SQLink/Modification/Use name instead of user name for sales person import
  • SQLink/Fixed/Set is active if user does not have a tech ID

Date: 08/19/2015/ Version:

  • Labor/Fixed/Error creating new labor in Canadian version

Date: 08/14/2015/ Version:

  • Not released

Date: 08/03/2015/ Version:

  • Inventory Snapshot/Modified/Rewrote logic used to generate the inventory snapshot due to issues when there are 1m records

Date: 07/31/2015/ Version:

  • Recurring Orders/Fixed/Error when adding a new record and there was a default service item assigned
  • Utilities/Modified/Clone logic now includes optional settings for cloning Customers/Vendors/Inventory/Service Items/Employees
  • Invoicing/Fixed/Bug with refunds screen

Date: 07/24/2015/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Search View Export/Excel export now working from all views
  • Customer/Fixed/Duplicating customers now working correctly
  • System/Modification/Inventory Recondition/Added Dates to the Batch Selector and the grid. Added Closed field.
  • SQLink/Fixed/Settings/fixed : Set billable flag when record not assigned SLA category, or SLA category set to no charge
  • SQLink/Added/Notes/Send 'What I Did' on notes
  • SQLink/Added/Timesheets/If timesheet doesn't have payroll item, then user order/proposal task, THEN user default

Date: 07/01/2015/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Move Tax logic back to the executable due to SQL issues merging the data
  • Utilities/Fixed/Running inventory recreate details
  • PO/Fixed/Items not getting set as received when received

Date: 06/30/2015/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Not hiding commission info on totals tab
  • PO/Modified/Do not recalculate PO counts if nothing received

Date: 06/29/2015/ Version:\SQLink

  • Vendors/Modified/Do not export if the vendor is an SME only vendor
  • SQLink/Added/Parent Vendor only import/export
  • SQLink/Added/Export only Parent Vendors if the option is set

Date: 06/23/2015/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Tax group name causing error when editing or creating new records
  • Orders/Fixed/Could not edit labor when invoiced count equaled zero

Date: 06/19/2015/ Version:

  • SQLink/Fixed/PO not exporting correctly when Customer name not in QB
  • Orders/Fixed/Selecting stock after it has been set to JIT or Allocated
  • Setup/Fixed/User Setup not restricting editing when not allowed
  • Reports/Modified/Now limiting query when opening a report to edit
  • Dispatch/Modified/Include blank Zones in dropdowns
  • Dispatch/Fixed/Query when selecting options
  • Dispatch/Fixed/OK button error when no record was selected

Date: 06/11/2015/ Version:

  • Not released

Date: 06/06/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Could not edit text lines
  • Purchase Orders/Fixed/Customer was dropped when exporting a PO created from orders

Date: 06/05/2015/ Version:

  • Recurring Orders/Fixed/Next Date prompt was locked on requesting a next date when it was already set
  • Recurring Orders/Modified/Set the next date from the order generation, if available, next date, or current date
  • Recurring Orders/Modified/When saving line item set the next generation if the order is in edit/insert mode
  • System/Modified/Show taxes on inventory & service items if SME is in Canadian mode
  • System/Modified/Use the tax code on the items from labor/services/inventory
  • Dispatch/Fixed/Double Click on order in grid jumps to the correct order
  • Orders/Fixed/Package items were not getting set as on PO

Date: 06/04/2015/ Version:

  • System/Taxes/Add ability to set item tax on the items
  • Orders/Fixed/Add the item tax when adding the item to an order regardless of any other tax setting
  • System/Utilities/Added feature to Clone the database
  • Customer/Fixed/Editing customer equipment maintenance activities in Windows 8/server 2012

Date: 06/03/2015/ Version:

  • Inventory/Modified/Reconciliation now has closed flag for physical count batches
  • Inventory/Fixed/Reconciliation dates getting set on items that were loaded in the batch but not adjusted
  • Inventory/Modified/Reconciliation - close all batches before creating a new batch
  • Inventory/Added/Inventory Reconciliation history table
  • Inventory/Added/Ability to reconcile by individual item or by batch

Date: 06/03/2015/ Version:

  • Purchase Order/Fixed/PO Items not getting set as received if the items were in a package
  • Orders/Added/Site Notes to Notes menu
  • Inventory/Fixed/More fixes on Stock tab/Add Stock editor

Date: 05/28/2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Material editor error editing material
  • Customer Equipment/Fixed/Error adding equipment from the Customer Equipment module
  • Purchase Order/Fixed/PO Item Editor Vendor Item search not loading
  • Orders/Fixed/Customer Equipment PO Status was not updating when an item was placed on a PO
  • Purchase Order/Fixed/PO Item tab order number filled in wrong when the PO was created from a cloned order
  • Orders/Added/Site Notes to Notes menu
  • Inventory/Fixed/More fixes on Stock tab/Add Stock editor
  • SQLink/Fixed/Invoices were exporting to QB with all items as non-tax due to changes in Canadian logic

Date: 05/27/2015/ Version:

  • SQLink/Added/Taxes/When calculating taxes do not round line items only round the Total to match QuickBooks.
  • System/Discounts/Set up Order level discounts on line item taxes (order must have a tax group or code).
  • Inventory/Fixed/Stock Add form was calling the incorrect form.
  • SQLink/Fixed/Taxing to depend on the line item, not the inventory item.
  • SQLink/Fixed/Flagging taxable as false on records with float values for the field type.
  • SQLink/Fixed/Tax details sometimes filtered out when calculating Canadian item taxes.
  • System/Tax/Over rounding on tax line items.
  • System/Fixed/Taxes discounts in QuickBooks Canadian only apply to items with 'matching' tax codes - i.e. if you have 3 items with HST, one item with P, and the item discount has 'HST' code (and is applied before taxes), SME will only apply to the three HST items.
  • SQLink/Added/Flag to not update contacts between SME and QB. If Checked contacts will not import/export.
  • SQLink/Added/Flag to not set SME prefix.
  • SQLink/Added/Use PO Reference Number to SQLink options.
  • SQLink/Added/PO Items Not Billable to options. If set status on items will be Billable.
  • SQLink/Added/Tech Code, 360, to set the merge date on all fields so all info is not synced after a QuickBooks upgrade/update

Date: 05/18/2015/ Version: - Limited Released/SQLink

  • System/Setup/Taxes - set up SME to work in Canadian versions without QB

Date: 05/12/2015/ Version:

  • SQLink/Added/Don't export reverse credits (auto generated in payments from invoices with negative balances)

Date: 05/08/2015/ Version:

  • SQLink/Added/When doing a resynch, don't flag overpayments and balancing payment for export
  • SQLink/Added/When exporting invoices using summarized totals, separate the negatives from the positive amounts, and flag negative amounts as non-taxable
  • SQLink/Fixed/Returning error 'invoice not found' when invoice billing company was different than payment billing company
  • SQLink/Added/Help function - given an invoice number, return all invoice IDs found in QB, and all invoice IDs found in SME for that number

Date: 05/05/2015/ Version:

  • Payments/Modified/Added new parameter for online payments

Date: 04/28/2015/ Version:

  • System/Forms no longer open in Edit mode unless something is actually changing on the form
  • Customer/Fixed/Error adding Prepaid hours
  • Recurring Orders/Fixed/Misspelling on form
  • Orders/Fixed/When converting set the 'Is Partial' flag on the order task records
  • Orders/Fixed/Set the 'Is Fixed' flag after calculating with the partial billable hours. This will allow the changing of Billable hours for tracking without affecting the order total
  • Orders/Fixed/Order task records with the 'Is Partial' flag set will not implement changes
  • PO/Fixed/Error when receiving allocated items on an order
  • Payments/Modified/Will now accept a partial payment
  • Incoming Email/Modified/Now use phone number or email to parse out which company the incoming email is to generate a ticket for

Date: 04/23/2015/ Version:

  • Contacts/Modified/When adding new contacts, IF there is no customer UID set on the record, set the customer UID to the order UID.
  • Contacts/Modified/Tech Code to set Customer UID to Order UID on contacts with blank customer UID
  • System/Snapshot/Widen total fields due to issue when converting from old versions of SMP
  • Contacts/Added/Tech Code to update phones from contacts if the phone is on the contact but not the master table
  • Orders/Modified/Delete from Contacts if the Customer UID = Order UID

Date: 04/20/2015/ Version:

  • Inventory/Reconciliation/Added Grouping to the editor grid
  • Inventory/Reconciliation/Added order number when item getting modified is on an order
  • SQLink/Postsynch/Set flags based on date and if exported 'When possible' (Not possible for tech time and subcontractor)
  • SQLink/GL/Fixed formatting on GL export Total Amount
  • SQLink/Auto Logging/Save the log to a file when records exceed 5k. (Usually only happens on an initial import)

Date: 04/17.2015/ Version:

  • Inventory/Modified/Reconciliation set up to utilize the batch id for tracking
  • Contacts/Modified/When canceling an order/invoice/proposal - Remove contacts added when a new customer record has been started in a module other than the customer module
  • System/Added/Tech code to clear out all contacts without a customer UID
  • Orders/Fixed/Order task records were not always updating when changed
  • Orders/Fixed/Item Editor was not always applying the Force JIT option when it was set

Date: 04.16.2015/ Version:

  • Inventory/Modified/Reconciliation functionality testing

Date: 03.27.2015/ Version:

  • System/Added color for items that are on PO / New Functionality
  • System/Setup/Added PO Received order status / New Functionality
  • System/Modified/User Group Override Labor cost functionality / New Functionality
  • Customer/Added/Default Order Status for Open & Closed / New Functionality
  • System/Added/PO Order Status setting / New Functionality
  • System/Added/Service Code default status / New Functionality
  • System/Added/PO status logic - if set will notify user when all records are received / New Functionality
  • System/Added/Fill in Service Code from customer, if blank use order / New Functionality
  • Orders/Fixed/Text not showing on drop downs due to Font Color / New Functionality
  • SQLink/Modified/Color on popup to lighter color / New Functionality

Date: 03.25.2015/ Version:

  • System/Updates/Change was dropping the DB permissions and was not able to reconnect them while building

Date: 03.24.2015/ Version:

  • Not released

Date: 03.19.2015/ Version:

  • Proposal/Fixed/Copy-Paste not working in Services Requested
  • Orders/Fixed/Labor editor not updating when using Bill Status of Equal Scheduled
  • Recurring Orders/Fixed/Bad field name error when cloning recurring orders
  • Dispatch/Modified/Refresh added to view since dispatch was returning Record not found on some orders due to not refreshing the view
  • Proposal/Fixed/Dot Net error when changing Billing status on task records
  • Recurring Orders/Fixed/Error when manually generating a recurring order
  • System/Modified/Removed POS customers that were created for Point of Sale app which is no longer used
  • Recurring/Modified/Option to not generate outgoing emails when orders are entered from the customer portal - New Functionality
  • System/Modified/Stop allowing typing if text goes beyond the field length. Match to Customer Portal/Tech Portal
  • Setup/Added/Fonts now a system setting - New Functionality
  • Inventory/Fixed/Transfer fixed so last line is now updated and re-editing is not necessary

Date: 03.10.2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Added/Batch info to the order, ID, Batch Date - New Functionality
  • Invoice/Added/Create Recurring order form an invoice
  • Orders/Added/Create a Recurring order from an order
  • Setup/Added/Recurring Order settings as customer defaults - New Functionality
  • Invoice/Added/Menu items for updating related recurring info and adding the invoice to batch print - New Functionality
  • Orders/Added/Menu items for updating related recurring info and adding the invoice to batch print - New Functionality
  • Proposals/Added/Menu items for updating related recurring info and adding the invoice to batch print - New Functionality
  • Batch Print/Modified/Now includes Batch Date in the Batch ID dropdown
  • Recurring Orders/Modified/When copying to recurring order, do not copy package breakout items. packages change over time, so their items are not included on recurring orders
  • Recurring Orders/Modified/Can now add packages

Date: 03.06.2015/ Version:

  • Batch PO/Modified/Moved change notification from the grid to the table since drop downs were not filling in correctly
  • Dispatch/Fixed/Invalid function error when adding a valid tech to an order
  • SQLink/Added/Date range for re-export of data

Date: 03.05.2015/ Version:

  • Purchase Order/Fixed/Do not prompt for re-export if nothing changed on PO when saving
  • SQLink/Modified/For Canadian companies fill item tax info since items are used to set tax status
  • Recurring Orders/Fixed/Error when deleting a subtotal from Order Items screen

Date: 03.04.2015/ Version:

  • System/Added/F10 Search for open PO's
  • System/Added/Tools> Advanced> Set default font on memo fields - New functionality
  • Invoice/Fixed/Adding items to an itemized invoice causing errors

Date: 03.02.2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Added/To Be emailed and To Be Printed to Details and Settings tab

Date: 02.27.2015/ Version:

  • Views/Modified/Filters always case sensitive
  • SQLink/Modified/Do not export employee info from SME if Tech Time unchecked
  • SQLink/Added/Resync date so user can select how far back in SME history to go
  • SQLink/Modified/All open invoices will be exported, only payments tied to invoices will be exported, only PO's with received items will be exported

Date: 02.25.2015/ Version:

  • Payments/Added/Refund payment transaction info
  • Payments/Added/Added payment methods for online refunds
  • Payments/Added/Never allow export of refunded online payments
  • SQLink/Added/Pull in tax/Non Tax if not already pulled in
  • SQLink/Fixed/Bad field name on tax logic
  • System/Fixed/Errors when converting custom tables from older versions

Date: 02.17.2015/ Version:

  • Batch Print/Modified/Added drop down for batch printing orders
  • Batch Print/Added/Batch ID to grid batch printing orders
  • Batch Print/Added/Column customization to grid
  • Orders/Modified/Proposal/Order/Project triggers to only total if something changed
  • Payments/Added/Refund payment logic

Date: 02.16.2015/ Version:

  • Recurring Order/Fixed/Invoice drop down not filling
  • Orders/Added/Settings to maintain recurring batch order information

Date: 02.14.2015/ Version:

  • Setup/Credit Card Processing/Allow editing of settings
  • System/Batch ID's/Added 'last' batch run to tables
  • System/Tables/Added Is Clone if originated from a cloned record
  • Recurring Order/Added/Convert as invoice and bypass order
  • System/Added/setting for running batches on Recurring orders, recurring invoices, scheduled services
  • Customer/Added/If the customer is inactive clear credit card info
  • Orders-PO's/Added/Do not send emails until cloning is finished
  • System/Added/setting for running batches on Recurring orders, recurring invoices, scheduled services
  • System/Added/Auto generate recurring invoices/orders/services - New Functionality
  • System/Added/Added : If the user is flagged to do the batch processes, (Preferences), check to see if the system flag has been set for batch (i.e. user flagged to do periodic maintenance, recurring settings have PM setup as 'include in batch). If set, use the batch processing for generation. This will be needed unless/until the site schedules jobs to do the batch processing instead. Batches now run the generation without interrupting SME processing.
  • System/Modified/Don't generate activity unless there is a record count

Date: 02.10.2015/ Version:

  • Customer/Added/Customer/Store Credit Card grid
  • Setup/Added/Setup/Company/System/Enable Pay Pro flag
  • Invoice/Added/Pay Online option
  • Payments/Added/Pay Online option
  • Orders/Fixed/Do not override Cost/Price in the item editor when selecting stock
  • System/Modified/If a user is Inactive turn off the Logged In Flag

Date: 02.06.2015/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Order tax handling

Date: 02.04.2015/ Version:

  • System/DYN Export/Break out export files by month
  • System/Added/Table to store Credit card info per customer
  • SQLink/Modified/Added clear QB ID on PO tables
  • SQLink/Fixed/Now matches existing wage item if it exists in SME

Date: 02.03.2015/ Version:

  • System/DYN Export/All exported invoices go out as 'in'
  • System/Updates/Only rebuild indexes on tables with a modified structure

Date: 01.30.2015/ Version:

  • SQLink/Added/Option to stop importing vendors from QB and only export from SME to QB
  • SQLink/Added/Option to clear all QB UID's and other imported QB info to allow SME to sync with a new QB Company file
  • SQLink/Modified/Only use the QB UID for searching in QB for an existing item on a re-sync
  • PO/Fixed/Bad field name in a PO export query

Date: 01.27.2015/ Version:

  • SQLink/Modified/Added a tech code to turn off SQLink if a customer decided to stop using QB
  • System/DYN Export/Show QB ID flag
  • SQLink/Modified/Export of Partner Discounts to always be a positive number

Date: 01.21.2015/ Version:

  • Purchase Orders/Fixed/Data not getting set correctly if editing after closing the PO
  • Purchase Orders/Fixed/Creating multiple material detail records when : the cost had changed AND the item was not serialized AND the available quantity < the po Item quantity (which resulted in a split condition)

Date: 01.16.2015/ Version:

  • System/Added/Work Groups to the Assigned To lists for selection
  • System/Added/If the Assigned To is a Work Group set all new tasks for the Work Group
  • System/Added/Work Group editor added email field
  • Orders/Added/Work Group query for reporting
  • Orders/Added/Salesperson to Order Status table
  • Orders/Added/Work Group logic on item editor
  • Auto Email/Added/Check Work Group emails for Auto Outgoing emails
  • Auto Email/Added/Added salesperson to Auto Outgoing emails
  • Auto Email/Added/Work Group to task emails. If work group exists and has non blank email, use that email, otherwise, use tech's/vendor's email
  • Routines/Fixed/Misspelling of salesperson causing emails to stop going out

Date: 01.15.2015/ Version:

  • Purchase Orders/Modified/Items can now be imported from Excel to fill purchase orders
  • System/Modified/No longer reports an error if license check fails
  • System/Modified/Grid speed issues
  • System/Modified/Set options on new databases
  • System/Modified/Hide Web Reports Option unless Web Reports are enabled on the database
  • Dispatch/Modified/Right Click menu item 'Email Ticket' now calls same form as the orders modules
  • System/Added/Option to disable multi-threading on grids for Windows 8 and server 2012

Date: 01.12.2015/ Version:

  • System/Added/Menu item to toggle all print flags if some are set they will clear and the others will set
  • RMA/Modified/When receiving RMA Item, if the permanent removal is not checked, always treat it as if the 'replace item' were.
  • Orders/Modified/Some orders were never going to 100% invoiced due to item deletion and addition after initial invoice
  • System/Conversion/Triggers not correctly set when converting from versions prior to 8.0
  • System/Auto Email/Custom fields that match between modules were not getting filled in on automatically generated orders

Date: 01.09.2015/ Version:

  • Inventory/Fixed/Editor on Material Detail tab was not filling information correctly
  • System/Conversion/Corrected auto run tech code

Date: 01.08.2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Add to Company Equipment flag dropped when adding them to an order
  • System/Modified/Dynamics data export
  • System/Fixed/Message when logging into a database other than the default in multi database systems

Date: 01.07.2015/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Further disabling of grid sorting
  • SQLink/Fixed/Tax formatting was three places

Date: 01.06.2015/ Version:

  • System/Limit license check to 2 tries before defaulting to temporary status

Date: 01.05.2015/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Dataset not on edit mode
  • System/Modified/Temporary disabling of grids calling multiple table queries to fill the results
  • System/Added/Excel export to .xlsx extensions
  • System/Fixed/Data file path for the Grid Excel export option

Date: 12.18.2014/ Version:

  • Orders/Modified/Material Editor/Location now read when the item is selected to avoid warehouse issues
  • System/Modified/Class now carries from Service Items through all modules to invoices
  • System/Modified/Maintenance Contract numbers now carry through in the ref# field to invoices generated from recurring invoices
  • Orders/Modified/Material Editor/Changing the warehouse on an item that was using a different warehouse no longer auto transfers the stock to the newly selected location

Date: 12.17.2014/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Dynamics data export
  • Orders/Fixed/Labor Editor had an infinite loop when changing billable amount. Only happened when it was not associated with a scheduled amount change
  • System/Modified/Maintenance/Warranty Expiration/Now checks that minimum dates are set since if they are not SME could generate false records

Date: 12.17.2014/ Version:

  • Auto Email/Fixed/Subject line character restrictions for special characters
  • System/Export/Modified Dynamics export

Date: 12.16.2014/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Update now pulls from 8.1 update FTP folders

Date: 12.15.2014/ Version:

  • Orders/Fixed/Issue with Contract Number on editor
  • System/Fixed/Form Code not pulling in custom tab when form code is used
  • Purchase Order/Fixed/Only reduce counts if they are greater than the received count

Date: 12.12.2014/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Journal entries not displaying on entering the tab

Date: 12.10.2014/ Version:

  • Inventory/Fixed/PO Account ID in Link options
  • SQLink/Added/Option to ignore the customer when only Billing Customers are stored in QuickBooks

Date: 12.08.2014/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Export for Dynamics

Date: 12.08.2014/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Export for Dynamics

Date: 12.06.2014/ Version:

  • System/Added/Export method for text export to MS Dynamics

Date: 12.05.2014/ Version:

  • System/Modified/HTML text editor update to fix pasting images into SME
  • System/Fixed/Conversion when database names do not match SQL conventions
  • System/Modified/Error log messages

Date: 12.03.2014/ Version:

  • Inventory/Fixed/incorrect field name in vendor items query
  • System/Modified/Locking of data in SQL
  • System/Modified/Reduced attempts to write locked data from 10 tries to 5 in SQL
  • Orders/Service Items/Fixed/Issue when writing Class Name on Recurring generation

Date: 12.02.2014/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Contacts/Filter by both Site and Billing
  • Purchase Order/Fixed/Adding item to PO that was created from an order would fill in the order number
  • Maintenance Contracts/Fixed/Updating maintenance contract was resetting the Recurring Invoice start date

Date: 12.01.2014/ Version:

  • Users/Fixed/Code value updates with user name changes
  • Dispatch/Modified/Moved more processes to tables as opposed to temp tables
  • Orders/Fixed/Grid issue when selecting multiple items from the Partial Invoice screen was causing SME to crash
  • Dispatch/Modified/Assets moved from temp table to permanent table
  • Dispatch/Modified/Voided orders no longer show in Dispatch

Date: 11.24.2014/ Version:

  • System/Tech Code/Runs tech code to revert all failed order conversions
  • SQLink/Updated/Now updated to SME 8.1

Date: 11.19.2014/ Version:

  • System/Added/Fields and tables for dynamic export
  • System/Added/Logic to fill the dynamic tables
  • Packages/Fixed/Error calculating package item totals when price is generated

Date: 11.18.2014/ Version:

  • Dispatch/Fixed/Error scrolling records when no options are set on settings tab
  • Orders/Fixed/Error when scrolling through combined invoices on the Service/Install tabs
  • Batch PO/Fixed/Trigger not getting re-initialized when updating
  • Recurring Invoices/Fixed/Error when posting Recurring Invoices.

Date: 11.12.2014/ Version:

  • System/Modified/Batch PO/Added Item Number to grid
  • System/Modified/Orders/Made Require Service Code an option
  • System/Modified/Order/Added Allocated warning when adding orders to combined invoices
  • System/Modified/Order handling from SME Mobile was causing occasional duplicate order UID's
  • System/Fixed/Error logging and record update time/out issues
  • System/Fixed/Saving records under Customer Equipment was not writing info to the new table but placing them in the old table

Date: 11.11.2014/ Version:

  • Batch PO/Fixed/Edit function in grid stopped working

Date: 11.7.2014/ Version:

  • Activities/Fixed/Alarms returning way too many records after database rebuild

Date: 11.6.2014/ Version:

  • System/Fixed/Orders/History tabs not saving settings and displaying correctly
  • Proposals/Fixed/Fixed rates tab not calculating
  • Inventory/Fixed/Transfers not completing the last record on multiple record transfers

Date: 11.4.2014/ Version:

  • System/Add/Zone filter to Proposal/Orders/Invoices to prevent 'Cannot add to order when adding from Dispatch'
  • System/Add/Use Dispatch view for lookups when adding to dispatch. In some cases you may not see a refresh if you are on service and drag a proposal to dispatch
  • System/Fixed/Error when adding new records. UID was initialized in the incorrect place. Causing prompts for SLA & Class re-initialization
  • System/Modified/Tech certification check only if there are labor task records
  • System/Updated/to latest component sets on all grids/dispatch controls/reporting controls/and data controls
  • System/Fixed/Batch PO/Filters not functioning as planned
  • System/Fixed/Error message on shutting down SME

Date: 10.31.2014/ Version:

  • Batch PO/Added/Button to only close modified PO's
  • Batch PO/Added/Button for full regenerate of all PO's
  • Batch PO/Modified/Fill table now only fills required PO's instead of all PO's
  • Batch PO/Modified/Grid settings to improve speed
  • Batch PO/Modified/Only add missing records to the grid instead of completely reloading the grid

Date: 10.30.2014/ Version:

  • Dispatch/Modified/Dispatch id's to tech, vendor, service, install, proposal, invoice
  • Dispatch/Modified/Uses temp table for labor, uses view data vs query and updates ( Now the ID's necessary for dispatch are on the tables)
  • Dispatch/Modified/Tracked and fixed 'missing' field errors when adding labor from project
  • Dispatch/Modified/Creates view for labor and orders
  • Purchase Order Batch PO/Modified/Added button to only close GENERATED records
  • Purchase Order Batch PO/Added button for FULL regenerate
  • Purchase Order Bulk Import/Modified/Fill table now only generates REQUIRED records, vs all 5000 records
  • Purchase Order Bulk Import/Modified/Required records defined as 'close all records that have been generated or have a defined minimum level.
  • Purchase Order Batch PO/Fixed/Grid settings to speedup process
  • Purchase Order Batch PO/Modified/Only 'missing' records are regenerated.