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Revision History for SME 8

SME 8.0 - New features and functionality

Date: / 09.11.2014/ Version:

  • Dispatch/Fixed/Tech Names not filling in on Today's Labor until a refresh

Date: / 09.8.2014/ Version:

  • Dispatch/Fixed/Proposal - color for Dispatch dropped
  • Dispatch/Modified/Added processing flag to the dispatch temp table
  • Dispatch/Modified/When refilling the table leave records that are reprocessed in place

Date: / 09.5.2014/ Version:

  • Dispatch/Fixed/Message dialogue blocking adding records
  • Proposal/Fixed/Proposal colors not showing as selected in Setup
  • Proposal/Fixed/Conversion for assigned to tech
  • SQLink/Fixed/Sync hanging when modifying GL entries on PO Cost

Date: / 09.4.2014/ Version:

  • Routines/Modified/Allow for specific location when adding package items to an order
  • Orders/Modified/Add items to orders from specific location of the selected record

Date: / 09.4.2014/ Version:

  • Not Released

Date: / 07.9.2014/ Version:

  • Report Designer/ Fixed/ Field names not pointing to correct table
  • Report Designer/ Fixed/ Error opening the Master table
  • SQLink/ Fixed/ Looking at wrong location for auto update

Date: / 07.01.2014/ Version:

  • Recurring Orders/ Added/ Not to Exceed field for Recurring orders
  • System/ Fixed/ Do not restore grids on startup - caused SME to lock up if Grid ini was corrupt. Restore grids after the module loads
  • Auto Email/ Modified/ Include HTML tag
    in outgoing email and format correctly
  • Sqlink/ Fixed/ Version number was wrong

Date: / 06.30.2014/ Version: - SQLink

  • Proposals/ Fixed/ Conversion to customer was dropping sales notes
  • Proposals/ Modified/ Pull in customer Full Name when available
  • System/ Fixed/ Sales tax now calculated from the Fixed Rates instead of the items
  • Purchase Order/ Fixed/ PO Receive All permissions now correctly linked to user group settings

Date: / 06.19.2014/ Version:

  • SQLink/ Fixed/ Do not overwrite Tax Exempt flag on non billable companies when modifying through SQLink
  • Packages/ Fixed/ If a package is set priced as 'Package' do not allow changing the price
  • System/ Modified/ Calculate commissions based on service items values if part of a package, vs, record values (depends on package settings)
  • System/ Fixed/ Adding labor from a package causing error
  • System/ Fixed/ Calculating default cost and price on sub tables
  • Packages/ Modified/ When line items are part of a package, check package for cost as package flag and as group flag
  • System/ Fixed/ Rounding of line item details for cost and price
  • Orders/ Modified/ Implemented use cost/use retail for package commissions
  • Orders/ Modified/ Use custom rates now overrides Price Book and service item settings
  • Auto Email/ Modified/ Wrap body of emails in HTML header
  • System/ Modified/ When cloning update values, create custom records, then post the record. Custom fields were not filling in on cloned orders.
  • System/ Fixed/ Convert full amount of user entered fields from the totals tab when converting fixed proposals

Date: / 06.12.2014/ Version:

  • Dispatch/ Fixed/ Refresh issue writing to new dispatch table
  • Custom Tables/ Fixed/ Tab designer allowed for negative numbers
  • Labor Editor/ Fixed/ Hours spanning two days caused a calculation of several years of hours
  • Order Details/ Fixed/ Order Items tab colors now working correctly

Date: / 06.07.2014/ Version:

  • Payments/ Fixed/ Adding/editing payments after navigating from invoices was not correctly refreshing the Disbursements tab/

Date: / 06.06.2014/ Version:

  • Payments/ Modified/ Program interaction with SQL to retain temp table information for longer periods of time/

Date: / 06.05.2014/ Version:

  • Custom Tables/ Fixed/ Rebuilding issues due to table flag not properly resetting

Date: / 05.28.2014/ Version:

  • Dispatch/ Modified/ Records now stay in the labor table for Dispatch to reference so they are not lost on updates
  • Dispatch/ Modified/ Changing the calendar date was not pulling the correct info from the database due to the labor table link
  • Orders/ Fixed/ When adding items to an order for one location that has sufficient quantity, and the items are set to allocated or reserved, and then changing the warehouse to a location with insufficient quantity, the available inn that warehouse is used and remainder is set to reserved. Bug was total quantity was relocated to the new warehouse.

Date: / 05.19.2014/ Version:

  • Purchase Order/ Added/ Use default delivery on Purchase Orders/ New Functionality
  • Orders/ Added/ Make sure all labor entries have a cost
  • Utilities/ Fixed/ Deleting caused error - now stops if the code is in use
  • Purchase Order/ Fixed/ Default status is now getting set for completed PO's/ New Functionality
  • Invoices/ Fixed/ Customer UID only updated if the invoice is a new invoice
  • System/ Classes/ Fixed Parent/Child display
  • Customer Equipment/ Fixed/ Grids on Service History and Repair History tab now hold settings

Date: / 05.19.2014/ Version:

  • System/ Added/ Default delivery to company setup/inventory screen/ New Functionality
  • Purchase Order/ Added/ Use default delivery from company and if the Vendor has their own use the Vendor default delivery/ New Functionality
  • System/ Added/ Prompt for Class when changing customer
  • Invoice/ Fixed/ Dot net error if creating a combined invoice from the invoice module

Date: / 04.28.2014/ Version:

  • System/ Modified/ Set all information for the item that is being cloned to included all totals etc. so accurate totals show for outgoing email

Date: / 04.22.2014/ Version:

  • Inventory/ Modified/ Inventory UID is now 30 characters
  • Customer Documents/ Fixed/ Updating on order conversion
  • Issues/ Fixed/ Update the Customer UID if the Customer is changed on the issue
  • Payments/ Added/ After making an over payment do a search for all related invoices that have a negative balance/ New Functionality
  • Payments/ Added/ For each payment make a list of invoices to create a balancing payment/ New Functionality
  • Payments/ Added/ Ability to create Batch balancing payments/ New Functionality
  • Payments/ Modified/ Removed Over Payment as a pay type/ New Functionality
  • Payments/ Added/ When choosing to clear/apply all for a balancing pay type clear all details and set the payment equal to the sum of the balancing payment/ New Functionality
  • Payments/ Added/ Set over payment flag if pay detail has invoice balance ending with less than zero/ New Functionality
  • Payments/ Added/ Accumulate payment amount when checking off invoices to clear - only applies to balancing payments/ New Functionality

Date: / 04.21.2014/ Version:

  • SQLink/ Fixed/ Correctly use SQLink default SMP_Item when a Service item is not a QuickBooks item

Date: / 04.18.2014/ Version:

  • Purchase Orders/ Fixed/ Table trigger not always firing as it should
  • Recurring Invoice/ Fixed/ Recurring invoice not getting set as Closed when setting the associated Maintenance Contract as expired

Date: / 04.15.2014/ Version:

  • Invoice/ Modified/ Flag invoice detail links for COGS inventory when rolling back an invoice
  • SQLink/ Added/ If an invoice has been Voided, void all GL, entries and don't re-export them
  • SQLink/ Fixed/ Order - Invoice link using incorrect UID
  • SQLink/ Added/ If using GL only export the package - never the items - no longer looks at the flags for expanded packages

Date: / 04.12.2014/ Version:

  • Invoice/ Added/ Balancing payment functionality for closing invoices with small payments that will never be collected / New Functionality
  • Invoice/ Fixed/ Exporting Order Services with no service

Date: / 04.01.2014/ Version:

  • Timesheets/ Modified/ Allow Field Rename
  • System/ Added/ Fields to allow account balancing
  • Custom Tables/ Modified/ No longer allow field name changes unless on a new unused field/ New Functionality
  • Custom Tables/ Modified/ Allow Field data type changes if data exists in the custom table. Some are not allowed, String to Date. Etc.. / New Functionality
  • Custom Tables/ Modified/ Do not allow field edits if other users are in the database since those would or could cause data issues./ New Functionality

Date: / 03.25.2014/ Version:

  • Auto Email/ Fixed/ SME will not give Dot Net error if email throws an error due to improper format of code to fill the email
  • Invoices/ Fixed/ Unable to un-void invoices
  • Orders/ Modified/ Add Items to Order will reserve/pull from the specified location if it is not blank, otherwise it will pull from the default location
  • System/ Fixed/ Infinite loop on rtf-html conversions

Date: / 03.24.2014/ Version:

  • Orders/ Modified/ Filter out deleted task detail records in grids
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Row no longer shows if you cannot edit
  • Audit/ Modified/ Logged deleted time detail record

Date: / 03.10.2014/ Version:

  • System/ Modified/ Conversion - now correctly handles user groups if blank
  • Dispatch/ Modified/ Now includes custom fields in the with colors in the planner/ New Functionality
  • Auto Email/ Modified/ Now have a customizable field for the separator line in emails. / New Functionality
  • Dispatch/ Fixed/ Dispatch Refresh issue

Date: / 03.04.2014/ Version:

  • Dispatch/ Modified/ Data issue from 7.2 in dispatch display
  • PO/ Modified/ PO item had been tied to an order, received, and deleted from the order. Causing issue when syncing to QB
  • PO/ Fixed/ QB Adjustments not always syncing - also locking SQLink
  • PO/ Fixed/ QB Vendor credits when the reference was in excess of the QB limit of 20 characters/
  • Orders/ Modified/ You can no longer delete orders in SME. You can only Void them. (Due to accidental deletion of large orders by numerous companies)/ Functionality Change
  • System/ Modified/ Added password length checker to password validation routines
  • System/ Modified/ Expanded password length to 25 characters

Date: / 03.03.2014/ Version:

  • System/ Modified/ Added default user for SME Mobile setup
  • Invoices/ Fixed/ Removing order from combined invoice
  • Maintenance Contracts/ Modified/ Added prompt to close related recurring invoices when closing a Maintenance contract

Date: / 02.28.2014/ Version:

  • System/ Fixed/ SME would lock up if Preferences were set to generate Maintenance Equipment warnings
  • System/ Modified/ Conversion process

Date: / 02.13.2014/ Version:

  • System/ Modified/ Conversion will now run from 6.0 to 8.0 without any further steps
  • System/ Modified/ Removed special code for 2005 SQL databases that have not had correct MS updates applied. Causing issues in SQL 2008 & 2012
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Sub Contractor lists are now sorted in alphabetical order
  • System/ Fixed/ Update no longer modifying tab settings
  • System/ Fixed/ Email error when you have in excess of 200 contacts in the address book when emailing a form

Date: / 02.12.2014/ Version:

  • Purchase Order/ Modified/ Speed up PO receiving
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Prompt to save Billing Status when no labor on the order
  • Setup/ Fixed/ Misspelling of company on Order page
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Refresh after exporting sub contractor PO's & Bills
  • SQLink/ Fixed/ Exporting PO's when they have cost adjustments

Date: / 01.31.2014/ Version:

  • Orders/ Added/ Added Has JIT and Allocated fields to order items grid
  • Proposal/ Fixed/ Due date not carrying over from the Proposal

Date: / 01.30.2014/ Version:

  • Inventory/ Added/ Tech code to recalculate inventory detail
  • Inventory/ Fixed/ Inventory detail counts when there is no material detail involved
  • Dispatch/ Fixed/ Compliance check was using the incorrect tech
  • Dispatch/ Fixed/ When clicking on the order on the Day Planner tab update the dropdown fields

Date: / 01.28.2014/ Version:

  • System/ Fixed/ When updating do not include the UID check on empty tables

Date: / 01.27.2014/ Version:

  • Proposal/ Fixed/ Convert lead to proposal and then convert proposal to an order would set billing on the customer to the site information
  • Orders/ Added/ When an order status changes log the changes, who, when, where

Date: / 01.08.2014/ Version: - not released

Date: / 01.07.2014/ Version:

  • System/ Fixed/ Table not found error when the table was there
  • Dispatch/ Modified/ Moved refresh settings to a table which refreshes after 'X' number of entries to eliminate refresh issues
  • Dispatch/ Modified/ Option in user preferences to open Dispatch to Day Planner instead of Today's Labor
  • Custom Tables/ Added/ SME must now be in single user mode to allow editing of Custom Fields since other users may have locks on tables requiring updates which will cause table issues that lock out the modules/ New Functionality
  • System/ Modified/ Added special code to handle MS SQL 2012 bug in dropping temp tables

Date: / 01.02.2014/ Version:

  • Notes/ Fixed/ Right Click memo editor
  • Dispatch/ Fixed/ UID error when adding tech to an order
  • Email/ Fixed/ Updated function calls based on component settings
  • Batch Printing/ Modified/ Implemented use of threading to improve speed issues
  • Purchase Order/ Fixed/ Update quantity when incoming is greater than ordered

Date: / 01.02.2014/ Version: - Not released

Date: / 12.16.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Modified/ Modified code base to utilize threading for some processes
  • Orders/ Modified/ Fixed Profit percent calculations when subtotal of an order = 0
  • System/ Added/ Web Service calls to update customer addresses
  • Orders/ Modified/ Item number on order details
  • Service Items/ Added/ Show in Tech Portal/Customer Portal
  • System/ Added/ Mark Reference Number to defaults
  • System/ Modified/ Use new threading logic for inventory snapshots

Date: / 12.12.2013/ Version:

  • Dispatch/ Modified/ Re-implemented use of last tech save process
  • System/ Modified/ Added expense criteria to Order Task table for labor entries

Date: / 12.10.2013/ Version:

  • Packages/ Fixed/ Adding package items to orders
  • System/ Modified/ Customer Propagate - moved to Single User and Tech Code
  • Proposals/ Modified/ Tab order
  • Recurring Invoice/ Fixed/ Apply Template now on the Actions Menu
  • Auto Email / Fixed/ Now not checking for changes unless the Order Status has been changed
  • Custom Tabs/ Modified/ Do not allow changes while other users are in SME. Causes issues with existing data and record locks

Date: / 12.06.2013/ Version:

  • Rolodex/ Fixed/ Search no displaying

Date: / 11.25.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Modified/ Remove the '/' character from UID fields for SME Mobile

Date: / 11.20.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Fixed/ HTML bullets and numbering now holding
  • Custom Tabs/ Added/ Custom Field Header to the Custom Details table
  • Invoice/ Added/ QB Export Flag auto set on Refresh menu actions

Date: / 11.15.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Fixed/ Billing Customer setting to only export Billing and never Site customers if the option is set
  • System/ Modified/ Added "Auto Reserve Flag' to defaults which will bypass Allocated and set items to Reserved
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Items on orders were not maintaining the price code from the price book
  • Users/ Fixed/ Confirmation of password for email
  • System/ Modified/ Check SQL instance for compatibility between SQL versions

Date: / 11.13.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Added/ Live update now working
  • System/ Modified/ Moved Supervisor from user group to user table
  • System/ Fixed/ Invalid name on the customer definitions table
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Totals overlapping on Service Totals tab

Date: / 11.12.2013/ Version:

  • Custom Tables/ Fixed/ Can now edit and modify within limits. Cannot change field names or types if data exists
  • Orders/ Added/ Auto Rollback if the conversion from one module to another fails for any reason. Proposal to order, order to invoice
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Adding items to orders from fixed rate proposals
  • System/ Fixed/ Renaming a location/warehouse
  • Projects/ Fixed/ Saving a new Project

Date: / 11.08.2013/ Version:

  • Dispatch/ Modified/ Temp table is dropping when Dispatch is active. Modified code to attempt to force SQL to retain the temp tables until Dispatch is closed
  • Dispatch/ Fixed/ Clear all temp tables used by Dispatch when exiting Dispatch. Previously were held for reuse
  • System/ Modified/ Status bar displays the company name from Setup> Company rather than the database name
  • Proposal/ Fixed/ Invoice Type no longer defaults to 'Full Itemized'
  • Dispatch/ Fixed/ Now minimizes when clicking 'Jump to Order'
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Tax calculations on orders with discounts
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Service Item editor Service Look-up now functioning

Date: / 11.07.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Routines/ Not released

Date: / 11.06.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Routines/ Not released
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Adding items to an order gave Dot Net error

Date: / 11.05.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Added/ Time Tracking module
  • System/ Added/ Settings for Time tracking (Admin check box)
  • Orders/ Added/ Don't Estimate Labor flag - if set Billing Hours will always come from Scheduled or Actual time.

Date: / 10.18.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Added/ Class editing in SME
  • System/ Fixed/ HTML editor for inserting and stamping Common Services

Date: / 10.17.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Routines/ Not released

Date: / 10.16.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Routines/ Not released
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Selected Item Print now working for forms with correct item detail

Date: / 10.15.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Routines/ Not released

Date: / 10.14.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Routines/ Not released

Date: / 09.27.2013/ Version:

  • System/ Added/ Logging table for errors
  • Recurring Invoices/ Fixed/ Dot Net error when generating recurring invoices
  • System/ Added/ Triggers to support live updates
  • Proposals/ Fixed/ Converting fixed proposals ( no longer prompt for selecting item if no items to select)
  • Orders/ Fixed/ Converting fixed orders( no longer prompt for selecting item if no items to select)
  • Utilities/ Fixed/ Importing data to custom tables
  • Proposals/ Fixed/ Query on Proposal to show for fixed types
  • Proposals/ Fixed/ Proposal History is now displaying correctly
  • System/ Fixed/ Calculation for fixed rate subtotals
  • System/ Fixed/ Calculation of invoiced/converted states when on fixed rate record

Date: / 09.14.2013/ Version:

  • Modified/ Memo Fields/ All memo fields are now HTML based
  • Modified/ System/ Modified the way orders are converted to improve conversion speed
  • Payments/ Fixed/ Credit Memo note was not available from the Notes button - now is a choice by doing CTRL = O
  • Purchase Orders/ Fixed/ Class placed on items in orders was not transferring to purchase orders
  • SQLink/ Fixed/ Multiple items with different classes were not transferring the class for all items - also now transferring for Service Items
  • Orders/ Modified/ Moved Auto Close logic to assemblies for speed and consistency
  • Proposals/ Fixed/ Proposals not converting correctly due to HTML conversion
  • Activities/ Fixed/ Bug causing random activities for others to pop up for the logged in user
  • RMA/ Fixed/ Credit Invoice was not getting created on Receipt of RMA item
  • SQLink/ Fixed/ Export of Billable customers now working