Repair Full Text Search

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If SME advanced search is no longer working due to issues with SQL Full Text Search, follow these instructions to repair SQL full text search:

  1. In mssql studo, go to: Database>Storage>Full Text Catalogs
    1. [[File:FullTextCatalog.png
  2. From the list, attempt to delete all that DON’T match the current db name.
    1. (Right click, DELETE).
  3. If you can’t delete it, follow these steps:
    1. Double click the catalog name:
      1. FullTextProperties.png
    2. Click Tables/Views
      1. FTStables.png
    3. Remove all entries in the right hand box:
      1. Move from right to left by clicking the left arrow button
      2. FTSobjects.png
      3. Click ok
    4. Delete the catalog
    5. When done, should just be one full text search catalogs with the exact same name as the SME database
    6. FTSfinal.png Note: Your name will be different and match your SME database name.
  4. Reindex SME or in SME run tech code 1202 to make the full text indexes rebuild