Recreating Inventory Detail Utility

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Recreating Inventory Utility:
The Utility will do the following to your Inventory Item counts:
- Clear out all stock records and inventory transactions
- Quantity will be set to 0
- Reserved count will not be cleared out, so if there are reserved stock of 2 on an item, the quantity will stay at 2 and reserved at 2
- Allocated counts will go to JIT. You might want to find all your allocated stock and reserve them before running the utility.

Recreating Inventory Details:
This utility must be run from the server or computer hosting the SME database
When you are ready to clear out the quantities:
- Backup SME
- Go to Utilities > Inventory > Recreate Inventory Details

InventoryUtility RecreateInventoryDetail.png

- Click Run It
- You will get this input window:


- The password: resetinv71
- Click OK
- You will get this warning:


- Click Yes
- SME will go into "not responding" mode. Let it stay that way. When it is complete, it will pop up a "done" message.