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Receptionists are the first voice that customers hear and contact. For the purposes of SME and this help area the roles include checking customer accounts, adding customers, order entry, and following up on customer service.

Here are some of the functions and roles for the receptionist:

1- Checking on customer accounts:

  • Customer may call in to check their balance, customer equipment, service history, or other information.
  • The first step is to find the customer. Go to the Search or View section to see how to find the customer.
  • Customer Balance is shown in the top right corner of the customer section.
  • Customer Aging is at the bottom of the Account tab of customer module.
  • You can print or email reports for the customer such as customer equipment, service history, statement and others. Just select the Print/Email icon in the top right corner and select the report for print towards the top or email towards the bottom.
  • To see customer information select the Install Info or Customer Lists tab and select the sub-tab of information you want to review.
  • To see customer activity such as service history, select the customer activity tab.
  • Note that many tabs have filters called open, closed, invoices, or all. For example if you are on the service tab in customer activities, selecting Open will only show service orders that are still open.

2- Adding Customers:

  • Before adding a new customer, make sure the customer is not listed as a lead or customer. Go to the Search or View section to see how to find customers or leads.
  • If the customer does not exist as a customer or lead, then add a new by selecting New Customer from the customer module. For SME6.2, you use the menu New Item and select Customer.
  • Then enter all the customer information.

3- Order Entry: See the Order Entry Role for information on entering a new order.
4- Following up on customer service: It's good practice to follow-up a couple days after service is completed. Use views to find service orders with closed date within your range. If this view does not exist in Search Views, you can create the View.
5- Issues: If your company uses SME Web Connect, customers may be entering issue tickets that go into SME issues module. You should check these issues on a regular basis and then assign these issues to the appropriate person for follow-up. To check Issues, select Control-I to see open issues. Or you go to the Issues module in the Help Desk section and select Search>Locate Open.