Receive the wrong part on a PO?

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If you receive parts on a PO that you shouldn’t have received, you will have to delete the stock you added to SME and then add the part back to the PO.

Step 1 : Delete the stock lot you received

  1. Go to the Inventory module > Inventory
  2. Click Search > Search Active Items and select the material you need to edit.
  3. Go to the Material Details tab.
  4. Select the stock lot you need to get out of SME. You can sort by date to find the one you added most recently.
  5. Click Delete on the Material Details tab.

DeleteButton materialDetails.png

Step 2 : Add the material back to the Purchase Order

  1. Go to the Purchase Order.
  2. If the PO is closed, you can click Actions > Re-open PO.
  3. Click the PO Items tab
  4. Click New and add the material to the PO again.