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The rates tab is where you can set up special pricing for the customer and tax information. RatesTab.jpg

Price Book

Select the price book for the customer here and all pricing on orders will be based on the rules set up in the price book.

Premium Hour

Enter an amount you want to charge the customer for every order. It will show in the Premium field on the Totals tab in the order.

Trip Charge

Enter the trip charge amount you want to populate every order for the customer. It will show in the Trip Charge field on the Totals tab in the order.

Tax Group/Code

Select the appropriate tax group for the customer. Your SME Administrator will set these up based on your needs.

Excise Tax Rate

Enter the excise tax rate.

**NOTE** In order for this tax to be calculated on an order, your SME Administrator must check “Apply Excise Tax” in the Setup module > Company > Order .

Calculate Excise Tax

Check here for SME to calculate the Excise Tax on orders