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1) Open SQLink

2) Go to File> Link Setup> and set the version to 2012. (This is the last major update Intuit provided to their SDK).

3) Unnamed.png

4) Click ‘Ok’

When you upgrade QB from one year to another all of the QB Modified dates on all items get reset. Since the Modified Date is the item that is provided for changed items in QuickBooks, on the next sync after an update SQLink will query all QuickBooks items as un-synced…. To bypass this run the query which sets the dates in SME and stops SQLink from re-syncing. Please have your IT or SQL/SME administrator run the query below in SQL Server Management Studio, (SSMS). (Please call support at High5 if you require assistance running the query).

1) Close SME, SQLink and Run this Query in SSMS:

Declare @nDate as DateTime set @nDate = GETDATE();

Update SMPLinkSetup Set LastAccountsMerge = @nDate, LastCustMerge = @nDate, LastEmployeeMerge = @nDate, LastInventoryMerge = @nDate, LastInvoiceMerge = @nDate, LastVendormerge = @nDate, LastTermsMerge = @nDate, LastPackageMerge = @nDate, LastPaymentMerge = @nDate, LastPOMerge = @nDate, LastClassMerge = @nDate, LastCustTypeMerge = @nDate, LastProposalMerge = @nDate, LastServiceMerge = @nDate;