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SME has a Project Module to group together proposals, service orders, install orders, and invoices.

Note: SME Project module allows tracking of related orders, however it is not meant to replace complete project management tools like Gantt charts. These types of tools can still be used and then saved as a stored document or link in the SME stored documents withing projects. Here are some things you can do with projects:

  1. Starting from Proposal, you can assign the proposal to a project (you would first create the project). Then all orders or invoices stemming from this proposal will also be assigned to the project.
  2. We now allow to split a proposal into multiple orders. For example, your proposal might consist of 3 stages: Prewire, Install, Inspection. Then you set the convert type to Partial and convert all the proposal items for prewire to one install order, all the items for install into a second order, and inspection into a third order. All these orders will be included in the project.
  3. Orders can do progress or partial invoicing. All the invoices from orders assigned to a project will have the invoices also assigned to the project.
  4. Project includes its own “mini-dispatch” for scheduling just orders related to the project.
  5. The project contains the Cost, Price and Profit of all the orders, proposals and invoices on the project. This allows a quick glance of the financials of the project.
  6. The project tracks the open and completed hours of the project based on which orders are open or closed.