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Print Packet allows printing multiple documents at once from proposal, service order, install order, or invoice.

To setup print packet follow these steps:

  1. Configure reports to show in print packet:
    1. Go to Reports>Customize Reports
    2. Search and select the report you want to include in print packet. Note that different reports are available for different modules which you can see in availability tab.
    3. Select Report Specifiers tab
    4. Check "Allow on Print Packet Menu
    5. Repeat for all reports you want available to print
  2. Run Print Packet on an Order
    1. Go to any order such as proposal, service, install or invoice depending on the reports you selected from above
    2. Select Actions>Print Packet
    3. Select the reports you want to print.
    4. Select Print. The reports will open one at a time for you to print.