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If you are syncing SME Purchase Orders to QuickBooks bills, then you will probably run into the situation where the vendor is charging you a different amount than what you have set on the original PO. You can make the adjustment on the SME Purchase Order and the change will sync back to QuickBooks as either an additional bill for the difference, or a credit for the difference.

Increasing the cost of a PO Item that is received

The PO is in SME with items received
POItems ItemsReceived.png
Bill goes to QB for the two items:

The vendors actual invoice is received and the price you are getting charged is not $10, but $110 for the ION Battery.

In SME PO, if the PO is closed, Click Actions > Re-Open PO
SME PO ReOpenClosed.png

If prompted to Re-Export, click No.


Edit the item and change the cost to $110. Click Actions > Close PO (image below)

Click Yes to RE-Export Prompt


A second bill related to the PO number will be exported to QuickBooks for the difference. In this case, the item started at $10, and was increased to $110, so the bill that is exported is for $100, the difference.

VendorBill showDifference.png
That vendor now has two bills in QuickBooks related to the PO. The second bill that synced over has a “-1” behind the number.

QB TwoVendorBillsNow.png

Decreasing the cost of a PO Item that is received

The PO is in SME with two items received. The Bill synced to QuickBooks with the two items (image below)

The invoice is received from the vendor and they are charging less than what we have on our SME PO and QB Bill.
Go to the SME PO and re-open (Actions > Re-Open PO)

SMEPO Actions ReOpenPO.png

If prompted to Re-Export, click No.

IfPrompted ClickNo.png

Edit the item’s cost from $100 to $10. 
Click Actions > Close PO
Click Yes to re-export
After a sync, SQLink will put a Credit in QuickBooks for the difference. In this case, the item was changed from $100 cost to a $10 cost, so a difference of $90.
QB Bills ShowCreditandoriginal.png