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POS (Point of Sale) with SME Mobile: SME mobile can be used as a point of sale system achieving most of the functionality of a standalone application, but with the advantage of being integrated with our service management solution (SME), handling inventory, and syncing with QuickBooks. Any device can be used for POS including PC, Tablet, or SmartPhone. Just any device with a browser. The following is the process to use SME mobile as a POS:

  1. Login to SME mobile by going to http://m.high5software.com login and then click SME Mobile or Mobile Tech for SME or Mobile Beta under applications.
  2. For a new sale select "Create New" button
  3. Select Cash Customer for an unknown customer or select a customer from the list if they are in the system. SME will typically have a customer called POS Cash Customer or Cash Customer, however if not, you should create ".Cash Customer" in SME. Note that the . at the beginning helps so this customer shows at the top of the list.
  4. Optional: Add details about the order such as Summary, Service request, service performed. For a quick point of sale, these should be skipped. However for a POS with services, these descriptions should be added.
  5. Select Items/Equipment tab
  6. Add Items to the order. These can be materials, service and labor (tech names) items.
    1. You can use any barcode device that is connected to your computer such as a BlueTooth or USB connected barcode. This will allow rapid adding of items with the barcode gun. Note: We do not support the camera on smartphone or tablet as a barcode because it's too slow for retail or industrial applications, we suggest a real barcode device.
  7. Optional: Customer Signature and total. Once you have all the items on the order, you can get a customer signature by selecting the signature button, hand the device to the customer and let them sign with their finger on the touch screen. This is where a tablet or smartphone works great.
  8. Invoice: Select Complete Button and press Invoice. This will process the invoice.
  9. Payment: After the order is invoiced, an "Add Payment?" screen will appear.
    1. Click yes to enter the payment information.
    2. Enter the order total in your payment processing device.
    3. Note: SME Mobile currently does not directly process credit card payments so you need to enter this into a separate device.
    4. Record the transaction number from the payment device into SME Mobile with the amount and select the payment type. Select save.
    5. Select Receipt to print the receipt, here is an example: http://m.high5software.com/ReceiptTemplate.html?CID=1&OUID=SO201405304B86BD0BE1
    6. Select Save to save payment info.