Out of Seats when you are not out

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If you are getting an Out of Seats message when logging into SME but you don't have all of your seats logged in, the usual cause is lock files that are not properly closed by Windows when SME closes. This is usually caused when SME is not closed and the connection to the server is interrupted or you are using terminal services and the session is closed while SME is open.

Please do the following:
- Log all users out of SME
- Right click on your SME shortcut
- Select Open file location (Win 7) or Properties> Find Target (XP)
- Scroll up the file list to the Data folder high5software\Data\<your company data folder>\Locks
- Locate the files labeled GEN###.net and delete them
- You should be able to log in with all licenses
- If you cannot delete them you may have an open Terminal Server session that is still logged in
- Go to Start> Run> and type fsmgmt.msc
- Look at all open file shares and make sure no users are logged in to other sessions