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On the Order Items tab, you can add labor, materials and services to your order. On this tab, you can hide service, material or labor items from showing on the printed order. You can also rearrange the order of items on the order.


Add labor to an order:

On the Order Items tab, click New Labor and the Labor Editor window will open. This is where you will enter the estimated hours required for your technicians, the hours you are billing the customer, the type of service they are performing, select the technician (if you know the technician) and the date of the service.


Technician – Select the technician that will work on this order. If you don’t know who will do the work, select Unassigned and your dispatch manager will select the technician when the order is ready to schedule. If your SME Administrator set up Work Groups, you can filter your Technician list by selecting a Work Group.

Service Item – Select the type of service you are charging the customer for. This updates the Unit Price field.

Payroll Item– Select if your technician is performing regular hourly work, overtime work or other appropriate value. This updates the Unit Cost field.

Scheduled Qty – Enter the hours you need to schedule for your technician.

Equal Billable – Check here if you want the billable qty to equal scheduled quantity.

Billable Qty – Enter the hours you need to bill your customer for. If Equal Billable is checked, this field will be grayed out.

**NOTE** If a price book is set for the customer, the Unit Price field will be auto-populated with the price defined in the price book. The price book overrides the service items, so changing the service item will not change the unit price.

Add material to an order

  1. On the Order Items tab, click New Material and the Select Inventory Item window will open.
  2. Double click on the item you need to add to the order.
  3. The Add Items to Order window will open. Notice the description of the material and the price and cost at the bottom. The cost is determined by the inventory item. The Price is determined first by the price in the inventory item, but if your customer has a price book assigned, the price book drives the cost.
  4. Update the quantity if needed.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The material is added to the order. You inventory manager will need to select stock or place a PO for material if you do not have stock for this item.
  7. **NOTE** You SME Administrator may have associated labor hours with a material. If so, when you click OK on the Add Items to Order window, the Labor Editor window will open with the Scheduled Qty field populated with the hours.

Add a service to an order

Your SME Administrator may have set up services which you can add to an order. Examples of a service might be “inspection level 1 service” or “hourly subcontractor work”.

**NOTE** When you add a service to an order, it will not show on the dispatch calendar. Only adding labor will show on the Order Dispatch window.

Add text to order items

You can add text to your order as shown in the image on the right. This can be used to group items on your order together under a description.

  1. Click New Text.
  2. A text line is entered on the Order Items tab. Note the Item Type is Text.
  3. On the line that was created, click in the Item Text column and type your text.
  4. TextOnOrderItems.jpg

Rearrange order on Order Items tab

There are two ways to change the ordering of items within the Order Items tab, Drag and Drop method or change sequence number.

  1. Drag and Drop
    1. Select the item you want to move and drag up or down.
    2. You will see an arrow for up or down mode.
    3. NOTE: You can also create a hierarchy of items, so if you drag and drop if you drop on another item it will put it as a child item below the item dropped on.
    4. OrderItemDrag.png
  2. Change Sequence Number method
    1. Click on the line you want to move.
    2. Click your cursor in the Sequence column.
    3. Use the to change the order.
    4. OrderOnOrderItems.jpg
    5. **NOTE**If you don’t see a column for Sequence on the Order Items tab.
      1. Right click the column header on the Order Items tab.
      2. Select Add Columns to Grid.
      3. In the window that opens, drag the Sequence field and drop it in place on the Order Items tab.

Labor, Material and Services tabs

The labor tab only shows labor for the order, the Materials tab only shows material for the order, and Services tab only shows service for the order. SME users that are responsible for dispatch may want to use the labor tab and only see labor items. SME users that are responsible for inventory and ordering parts may want to use the Materials tab to only see material on the order.

QuickAdd Items

You can quickly add items using the QuickAdd function. This will immediately add items with Quantity of 1 and all the defaults and NOT bring up a material editor window. Here are additional details:

  • To enable this feature go to Setup>Company>User Groups>Additional Settings tab and set QuickAdd option value to 1 or create a new option called QuickAdd with value 1.
    • QuickAddOption.png
  • You can add items by part number, name, or serial number
  • You can use a third party barcode device that connects to your computer using USB or Bluetooth if your computer supports it.
  • As you type it will show the number of matching items, if you click enter when there are more than one matching items a search window will appear to let you select the item you want.
  • If you need to change quantity or any other attributes of the item, you shall select edit of that item or double click.
  • QuickAdd.png