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Order Entry Role

Order Entry role consists of finding customers, entering new customers, entering new order, and tracking existing orders. This role probably has elements of Customer Service or Dispatch Roles.

The most common operation for the order entry role is to enter an order, of course! To enter an order, you perform the following steps: Find the customer who wants a new order. Use Search to find the customer. Review the customer record to make sure they are not way behind on their balance. You would not want to continue creating service orders for customers that are way behind on payments so check with management before proceeding for high balance customers. If the customer does not exist, enter the new customer. In SME6.2 select menu "New Item" and select Customer. If you are already in the customer section, select New Customer icon. See if the customer has any open orders. They may be requesting the same service for example from a different requestor. Or maybe you can combine multiple service requests into one order. A good practice is to add Notes that the customer has requested the service prior to creating the new order. NOTE: You can skip steps 1-3 and just enter a new order. In SME6.2, just select the menu "New Items" and select Service Order. Create the new order. From the customer, just select Actions>New Service Order (or New Install order or New Itemized Invoice). Fill out the Order: Enter the Service Requested. Enter a labor item to get the order on the dispatch schedule. If you know who should do the work assign the technician, if not assign to .Unassigned. If you know specific material or service items add them to the order. If the work is for repair of existing customer equipment enter the equipment under Item Repair. Set an activity for another user to follow-up on the order, for example the dispatcher or tech assigned.

Many times, customers will call to get status on an existing order. There are a number of ways to see existing order: Select F6 to see all open service orders or F8 to see all existing Install orders or F5 to see all existing open invoices. Go to the customer using search and then look through Customer Activities for service, install and invoice history. If you know the specific order number, go to that module (service, install or invoice) and select Navigate>Go To and enter the number.