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Notifications can be set for special customers. Special can either be good or bad. For example, set notifications on customers that are behind on their balance so that no additional service is performed until the pay past balances. Or set notifications on important customers that notify managers or other key personnel that new service is being performed for these VIP customers.

First you will create the generic notification rules and message, and then you can assign the notification to your customers.

Setup notification:

1. In the Setup module, select Notifications.

2. Click Add.

3. Fill out the notification:


- Name – this is the notification template name.

- Module – select the module the action is taken in that prompts the notification (e.g. creating a service order would be service)

- Action – select the action that will prompt the notification (e.g. creating a new service order would be “add”, closing a proposal would be “close”)

- Allow Alert User –an alert is a pop up window that will open when a user takes the action in the module setup in the notification. The message that pops up in the alert is setup by clicking Message in the Notify Types window.


- Allow Send Email – checking this will send an email to the address specified when adding the notification to a customer when a notification is prompted.

- Message – Click Message and enter the alert message that the user will see pop up when they trigger a notification. Click OK.

4. Click OK.

Assign notification to customers:

1. Go to the customer record.
2. Select the Notifications tab.
3. Click New.
4. In the Customer Notifications window:


  • Notification Type – select the notification template you created in this drop down field
  • Send Email to – if you want an email to be send when the notification is triggered, check here and type the email address.
  • Alert User – check here if you want the pop up alert to show on the users screen when they trigger a notification.
  • Message – click here to edit the alert pop up message for this customer.

5. Click OK and the notification is setup for the customer.