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Creating a new company file is easy in SME but first you must make sure that is what you want. This article goes through when you need or do not need a new company file and how to do it.

How to determine if you need a new company file

There are pros and cons of creating a new company file so this guide will help you determine if a separate company file is needed. Possible Issues with new company file:

  • Separate dispatch scheduling: If you have multiple SME company files you will not see a common dispatch for scheduling and could over schedule a tech if they are working for both companies. There is NO sharing of information between one company file and another.
  • QuickBooks files must match one for one with SME company files so you need one and only one QuickBooks file for each SME company file.
  • Separate set of lists of open orders, invoices and so on so more difficult to manage.

Here are reasons you would want a separate SME and QuickBooks files:

  • You already have separate QB files and want to keep it that way. In this case you will need a separate SME file for each QB file/company.
  • Your business runs completely separate. This could be geographically separate or just separate employees for each business.

Most other case should have just one SME and one QB company file.

How to create a new company in SME

  1. Select System>Connections>New Connection to create a new SME company
  2. Provide the Database name for the new company
  3. Provide the default path and other settings as specified here Set up of initial company data connection

Switch Company Files

To switch company files after they have been created just select System>Connections>Switch Company and login to the new company connection.