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High 5 Software has partnered with OpenEdgePay (previously called PayPros) which is part of Global Payments, one of the largest payment processing companies. OpenEdgePay handles setting up your merchant account and will meet or beat your current processing charges. High 5 Software will link you up with OpenEdgePay so you can get your merchant account established.

Here is the process to setup a merchant account and enable SME:

  1. Contact OpenEdgePay and setup your merchant account. Be sure to mention you are working with High 5 Software for the best rates and to get the appropriate merchant token.
  2. Get your merchant token from OpenEdgePay
  3. Copy the merchant token into SME in Setup>Company>Payment Gateways. Put your merchant token into the Password field below Credit Card Gateway. No other info is needed for the SME setup.
  4. Run a test transaction in Mobile Tech as described below. It's important that you run a sample transaction to make sure that payments are applied properly to your account and into your bank.

Processing payments through Mobile:

  1. Open browser and go to
  2. Login with your userid or email and password.
    1. If you do not have user id and password, see
    2. If you just want to test this capability select the "Click to Try a Demo"
  3. In upper left corner, select Applications>Mobile Tech.
    1. Currently payment processing is available from Mobile Tech, but will be available through SME directly soon.
  4. Select the order you want to work on or take payment.
    1. You can also create a new order by selecting New Install Order or New Service Order
    2. Go to Items tab to add the chargeable items. Just start typing and a list of items matching will come up.
    3. Set the price for the items after you add them if the price needs to be adjusted.
    4. Add all the items you need for this order. You will see Subtotal and total above the items screen.
  5. Once all the chargeable items are on the order, you can complete the order.
    1. Select Signature to get a signature from the customer. Although this is not required, it's highly recommended when taking credit card payments.
    2. Select Complete
      1. To take payment you first must convert the order to an invoice, so select Invoice.
      2. A Payment Details screen will apear pre-populated with the invoice number and total amount of the order.
      3. Select Pay Type. For credit card processing select Credit Card.
      4. This will link directly to a secure PayPros page.
        1. You can swipe the credit card using a Magtek credit card reader provided by Paypros. this is prefered for the best possible credit card processing rates.
        2. If you are unable to swipe the card, you can manually type in the card. Note that the page automatically changes to manual entry if you start typing.
          1. type in Credit card number
          2. Enter the expiration date
          3. Enter the CVV code from the back of the card
          4. Optionally enter the customers credit card billing zip code.
          5. Select Make payment
      5. The credit card will be processed. If successful it will give success message, if it fails for some reason, it will give an error code.
      6. The payment is also automatically recorded in SME against the invoice.

After the payment is processed that order is also closed so it will no longer show in the order list.