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Mass Order Editor is a rapid batch processing application allowing a huge increase in productivity of your operations.


Features of Mass Order Editor:

  • Filter order based on numerous conditions to focus in on specific orders to change.
  • View many orders at once in a summary format
  • Multiple select many orders for changing
  • Search orders through a filtering smart search
  • Select 10, 25, 50 or 100 orders to show at once on the screen.
  • Make changes to orders all at once based on the changes needed. Change any of the following
    • Close orders
    • Void orders
    • Change Order status
    • Classes (for QuickBooks class tracking)
    • SLA categories
    • Service Codes
    • Zones
    • Assigned To for assigning techs to orders
    • Lead Tech
    • Primary Tech
    • Secondary Tech
    • Due Date
    • MassOrderEditor2.png

Operation of Mass Order Editor

The following is a typical process for the mass order editor:

  1. Login to High5Hub or the mass order editor link
    1. In the Hub select Applications>Utilities>Mass Order Editor. If you do not have this function for your login please contact High 5 Software representative to enable it.
  2. Show or Hide the columns you want to show
    1. MassOrderEditor4.png
  3. Search and Filter the orders you want to change by using the following:
    1. Search filter
    2. Open orders button to show all the open orders
    3. My Orders button to show only the orders assigned to you
    4. Technician drop down to show only the orders assigned to that tech
    5. MassOrderEditor3.png
  4. Select the orders you want to change by click on the order to highlight
    1. To select orders on multiple pages, check the box next to "Apply actions across selections on all pages regardless of visibility?"
    2. MassOrderEditorHighlight.png
  5. Change the orders using the following:
    1. Change button with the drop down to field. The to field will change depending on the change drop down selection
    2. MassOrderEditorChange.png
  6. Select the Change button to initiate the changes
    1. A confirmation screen will appear and show the number of orders to be changed. Make sure the number of orders you selected matches the confirmation screen.
    2. MassOrderEditorConfirm.png

Manual changes per order

Mass order editor also allows manual changes on each order from this screen. The following are the available functions:

  • Close Order
  • Void Order
  • Append text to service performed
    • MassOrderEditor-Append.png