Making a connection to your SME database

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1) Log on to your Server or Workstation hosting the SME database

2) Navigate to the SME program folder

3) Locate and rename the Alias62.ini file to Alias62.old.ini or something similar

4) Launch SME

5) SME will open the SME connection dialogue

Database Connection

6) Select your MS SQL Server instance name from the top drop down (If you do not know the SQL instance Name Open the old Alias62.ini file and look at the line: Server=<your Server\SQL instance>

7) SME Database Connection IMG 1.png

8) Select your database name from the database field dropdown

a. The Database field is the lower of the two fields

b. (Note: The path to the database should fill in automatically)

9) Copy the database name to the Company name field

10) SME Database Connection IMG 2.png

Common Files Connection

11) Browse to your database Common Folders files, (CFPath) through the My Network Places UNC path

12) SME Database Connection IMG 3.png

13) \\server\High5Software\Data\<CompanyName> Should look like this with your server & database name.

14) SME Database Connection IMG 4.png

15) Check Use as default:

16) SME Database Connection IMG 5.png

17) Click ‘Ok’ to open SME