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If you have users reporting that the live spell check feature is showing all words as misspelled, you can follow these steps to reset the dictionary:

Easy Method 1:

  1. Go to the directory where sme5.exe is launched. easy way is to right click on the SME shortcut icon and select "open file location"
  2. Go into Dictionary folder and copy american.adm file (right click and select copy or control-C)
  3. Go back up to the sme directory and paste the american.adm file (control-V)
  4. Relaunch SME.

Alternate Methods: For SME8:

  1. Right click on misspelled word and select Spelling...
  2. Click Options in the lower left corner of that screen.
  3. Click Locate Dictionaries.
  4. Go to the SME directory, select Dictionaries. and select Ok

For Previous versions of SME:
Reset Dictionary:
Log in as the user
Go to an order or proposal
Go to the Work Requested tab
Click Edit
Highlight some misspelled text
Right Click on the word and select Spell Check from the context menu
From the Spelling window click Options in the lower left corner
SpellingWindow Options.png
From the Spelling options click on the Language tab
If the ‘Choose language dictionary’ is blank click the dropdown and select a dictionary
If no dictionary is showing click on Locate Dictionaries
Navigate to your High5 Software SME executable folder and locate the Dictionaries folder
Click Ok
Your dictionary should now be set up for your user