Invoice a percent of a fixed invoice

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If you setup a fixed invoice and you are ready to invoice the order, a fixed invoice will invoice the total order. If you need to invoice a percentage of a fixed amount, you will need to change the type of invoice to a percent or partial invoice and change the way you enter the items on the order.

1. Create a service item in SME called Service fixed total
2. Create a material item in SME called Material fixed total
3. Create a technician in SME called Labor fixed total

Now start adding the fixed total amounts to the order on the Order Items tab:

4. Select the Order Items tab on the service or install order.
5. Click New Service and select the Service fixed total item. Enter the fixed service total in the Price field. Enter 0 in the Cost field. Click OK.
6. Click New Material and select the Material fixed total item. Enter the fixed material total in the Price field. Enter 0 in the Cost field. Click OK.


7. Click New Labor and select the Labor fixed total technician. Enter the fixed labor total in the Unit Price field and make sure Billable Qty is 1. Enter 0 in the Scheduled Qty and Unit Cost fields. Click OK.

When you add labor, materials and services to the order, make sure you do not fill out the price field. Only fill out the cost field for these items. The only items on the order that should have prices in them are the three fixed total placeholder items you added. The partial or percent of total invoices generated will be based on the total of the three.