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Selecting the invoice type of Partial allows you to select individual items on the order to include on the invoice. Generate multiple invoices for the order until all items on the order are invoiced. When generating a partial invoice for an order, the Invoice Order window will open (image below). Here you can select which items you want to include in the invoice. At the bottom of the window, you will see remaining total to be invoiced.

Intro to Partial Invoice


  1. Click Clear All.
  2. For Service and Labor Items, check in the Include column to include the item on the invoice.

If you are selecting material to include on the partial invoice, you will need to expand the material line to select which material you want to include on the invoice.

  1. Click on the material line you want to include on the invoice (1 in image below).
  2. Check in the Include column (2).
  3. Make sure the Inc Count column has the right quantity you want to include on the invoice (3).
  4. Click OK.