Invoice Type - Combined

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This converts the entire order to a combined invoice. This is a good option for good tracking because all the details are in the order rather than replicated on the invoice. Below is a screenshot of a combined invoice. When you create a combined invoice, you cannot edit the individual items on the invoice. You can combine multiple closed orders into one combined invoice.

Intro to Combined Invoice

To add additional service and install orders to a combined invoice:
  1. Select the Service Orders or Install Orders tab.
  2. Click Add Service to Invoice or Add Install to Invoice.
    1. CombinedInvoice.jpg
    2. AddServiceToCombinedInvoice.jpg
  3. The window that opens will display all of the open and closed orders with the invoice type of combined for that billing company. Double click on the order you want to add to the invoice.
  4. You will receive this message: “The order has been fully invoiced. Close it?” Click Yes to close the order.
  5. The order will be listed on the Service Orders or Install Orders tab.