Inventory Reconciliation

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Inventory Reconciliation:

Go to Utilities> Inventory> Inventory Reconciliation> click Run It…

2009-10-01 113010(1).png

The Inventory Reconciliation utility will open with a list of your inventory items. As with all grids in SME you can sort by column header or use the drop down to select an individual item.

2009-10-01 113142(1).png

To adjust the physical count:

2009-10-01 113230.png

Clicking the down arrow by above the Physical Count Field will open a calculator if you need to add up several totals.

2009-10-01 113303(1).png

Expand the item details…

2009-10-01 113335(1).png

Click on the asterisk ‘*’ below the location column.

2009-10-01 113406(1).png

Close and expand the new location.

2009-10-01 113428.png

Click the plus next to the warehouse\location.

2009-10-01 113446(1).png

Click on the asterisk ‘*’ below the location column. This creates the entry line for adding a new warehouse.

2009-10-01 113504(1).png

2009-10-01 113527.png

Posting the changes:

When you have completed your physical count entries you will need to print your reports, Accept, and Post the changes.


Reconciliation Report – lists all items and the changes. Export to Text – Exports the inventory list to a csv file that can opened in MS Excel for further calculations and tracking of the changes.

1. Click the Post Changes button.

2. 2009-10-01 113606.png

There will be a transaction recorded under the Inventory> Transactions Tab for all items that have had a physical count update.

3. Click Yes to post your changes.