Inventory Module

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Inventory – Here you can setup and access all inventory items. View stock for the item, move stock between warehouses, view item purchase history, and setup ordering information for the item. You can initiate a PO from the inventory item.

Packages – Here you can setup packages for material. Multiple inventory items and services can be included in a package. Packages setup here can be added to service and install orders.

Services - Service items can be used for a variety of purposes such as fixed rate type services, services to be performed by subcontractors, or other service type items such as freight & shipping. Setup and view service item history in Services.

Vendors - A vendor supplies goods and services to your company. In SME, vendors include both vendors who supply material to your company and subcontractors who supply services to your company. Setup and view vendor history in Vendors.

Purchase Orders – Here you can create purchase orders and receive items on the PO. PO can be initiated here in Purchase Orders, or directly in orders.

Returns – Returns are used to return items either from a customer equipment list to your stock OR from your stock to the vendor.

Transfers – Here you can transfer multiple inventory items from a source warehouse to a destination warehouse. The inventory transfer will keep a record of the inventory transfers.