Installing MS SQL Server 2008

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Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 using the Web Installer:

Note: The Web Installer will not install MS SQL Server if you are running MS SQL 2005 or earlier.

Open a browser and navigate to:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Runtime with Advanced Services 'Install' button.

2009-10-21 102830.png

If you have not yet used the Microsoft Web installer you will be redirected to the following page:

2009-10-21 102929.png

Click on the green button labeled 'Get the Microsoft Web Platform.

Answer 'Run' to the various prompts and you will be presented with the following screen.

2009-10-26 122951.png

Click 'Install'. The following screen will open.

2009-10-26 123008.png

Leave the 'SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services' checked and click 'I Accept'.

You will be presented with the Authentication mode screen.

2009-10-26 123449.png

Leave the authentcation mode as 'Mixed Mode'.

Enter a password. The password must be a 'Strong' password continaing a mix of Capiatl letters, numbers, and special characters like, @#$%.

Click 'Continue'. Windows Powershell will begin installing.

2009-10-26 123736(1).png

When the Windows Powershell is finished installing you will need to reboot your computer:

2009-10-26 124055.png

Click 'Yes'.

When your system restarts the installation will automatically continue.

2009-10-26 130052.png

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 will begin its installation.

2009-10-26 141133.png

When the install is finalizing you will see this message.

2009-10-26 141335.png

When the installation is complete you will see the Congratulations screen.

MS SQL 2008 is now installed:

2009-10-26 141411.png

Click 'Exit'

2009-10-26 141644.png

You will now have the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Program group in your start menu.

The next step is to configure MS SQL Server 2008 for remote connections.

2009-10-26 141756.png

Expand the SQL program group and select the 'SQL Server Configuration Manager'.

2009-10-26 141756-b.png

When the 'SQL Server Configuration Manager' opens you will need to make the following changes:

Turn on the FTS (Full-text Filter Search) service. Expand the services by clicking on the SQL Server Services in the left column.

2009-10-26 141954.png

Right click on the SQL Full-test Filter service and select Properties.

Select the Service Tab.

Click on Start Mode and in the right drop down select 'Automatic'.

2009-10-26 142027.png

Click 'Ok'. When the change is saved right click on the service and select 'Start'.

2009-10-26 142110.png

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is now configured for SME.