Installing Field Services

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Installing Field Services Application

1. Launch Field Services setup file.
2. Setup window appears. Click the next button.
3. Select Installation Folder window appears:

  • Click Browse to select the folder you want to install Field Services in. (Default is c:\Program Files\Field Services\ ).
  • Select either to install Field Services for yourself (Just me) or for anyone who uses this computer (Everyone).
  • Click the next button

4. Confirm Installation Window appears. Click the next button.
5. Installing Field Services window appears. Wait until the installation completes and the "Installation Complete" window appears. Click the close button. Now Field Services application is installed and ready to be used.
6. Click on start menu.
7. Select all programs.
8. Select SME Field Services folder.
9. Select Field Services Application.
10. Field Services Starts.
11. Field Services window appears.