Install SQL for Field Services

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This is OBSOLETE, please ignore.

Install SQL for Field Services

SME Field Services requires a netbook or laptop with SQL Server express, plus a field service table and some stored procedures. This page goes through the preparation of the laptop or netbook for the application. We will just refer to the netbook or laptop as the computer.

1. Install SQL Server Express. We recommend SQL Server Express 2008, although 2005 will probably work also.
2. Go to this site to install SQL Server Express 2008:;SQLExpress
3. Once SQL Server is installed, load the field service database. High5 will have provided you a script to run to install the database and a script for the stored procedures.
4. Run the files provided by High5.

  • First run the file called something like this: UpdateFieldServicesTables<date>.sql.
  • Then run the file something like this: UpdateFieldServicesStoredProcedures<date>.sql

5. Once these are installed run the Field Service installer, See Installing Field Services