High5 Cloud Server Backup Policy

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Back up policy:

High5 Service Level Backup Agreement for High5 Cloud Servers:

High5 Backup Policy for Cloud servers is performed every 24 hours, or on a daily basis. Backups monitoring is reported to High5 daily and any backup failures are rectified as soon as reported.

Backed up data:
- High5Software – full folder backup (Folder location varies per server but generally E:\High5Software)
- QuickBooks – Full folder backup (Folder location varies per server but generally E:\QuickBooks)

High5 Database
QuickBooks Database/Company File

High5 performs backups nightly encrypting the backup files.
Our storage policies is as follows:
- 7 copies of all backup data is stored locally on the server for quick access.
- 14 days of copies are stored on Amazon S3 in quick access.
- 90 days of backups are stored in Amazon S3 Glacier storage. Glacier storage requires 4 days to retrieve.
- Data older than 90 days is cleared from Glacier storage.

Restore Policy:
- Restoration if within the 7 days of local storage is no cost.
- Restoration if older than 7 days – but within the 14 day retrieval period – one hour of support time at $150/hr.
- Restoration if beyond the 14 day quick access – two hours of support time at $150/hr.
- Backups are checked for restorability weekly.

Server failure:
In the advent of a server failure High5 will restore the latest backup to a new server within 24 hours. Should there be a requirement for backups done more frequently than once every 24 hours additional cots may apply.