High5 Cloud Server Backup Policy

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Back up policy:

High5 Service Level Backup Agreement for High5 Cloud Servers:

High5 Backup Policy for Cloud servers is performed every 24 hours, or on a daily basis. Backups monitoring is reported to High5 daily and any backup failures are rectified as soon as reported.

Backed up data:
- High5Software – full folder backup (Folder location varies per server but generally E:\High5Software)
- QuickBooks – Full folder backup (Folder location varies per server but generally E:\QuickBooks)

High5 Database
QuickBooks Database/Company File

High5 performs backups nightly encrypting the backup files.
Our storage policies is as follows:
- 7 copies of all backup data is stored locally on the server for quick access.
- 14 days of copies are stored on Amazon S3 in quick access.
- 90 days of backups are stored in Amazon S3 Glacier storage. Glacier storage requires 4 days to retrieve.
- Data older than 90 days is cleared from Glacier storage.

Restore Policy:
- Restoration if within the 7 days of local storage is no cost.
- Restoration if older than 7 days – but within the 14 day retrieval period – one hour of support time at $150/hr.
- Restoration if beyond the 14 day quick access – two hours of support time at $150/hr.
- Backups are checked for restorability weekly.

Server failure:
In the advent of a server failure High5 will restore the latest backup to a new server within 24 hours. Should there be a requirement for backups done more frequently than once every 24 hours additional cots may apply.

High5 software does not provide full server replication. If your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is shorter than 24 hours you may want to investigate setting up a replication server. Please contact sales and they will prepare a proposal for the replication server.