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Lookup customers using Search:

1. Select Customer module.

2. Click Search and select Search Active Customers.

3. Double click on customer in the list to go to the record to open the customer record. (image below)

Choose columns in Search Active Customers

You can sort your customer records by every column you view in the Search Active Customers window. You can also select which columns you are viewing in this window. You might want to have the ability to sort your customers by zone, division or business type. To choose columns:

1. In the Search Active Customers window, click Views, Add Remove Fields.

2. In the Grid Columns window that displays, check the customer fields you want to view as columns. Uncheck the ones you don’t want to view. (image below)
3. Click OK.

4. Notice the columns you selected added.

5. Click on any column header to sort the data.

6. When you close the Search Active Customers window, you will be prompted to save your new customer view. If you want to, click OK and type a name for the view. The view will be saved for you.

**NOTE** When you save a new view, all SME users will have access to the view.

Select Saved View

1. In the Customer module, click Search, Search Active Customers.

2. In the Search Active Customers window, click Views, Apply View and select the custom view. (image below)

3. The grid will change to the custom view you created.

Search For Field

This field allows you to type the name of the record you want to find instead of scrolling through your list. This can save you time if your list is long.

1. Click the column header you want to search by.(1)

2. Type the name you are searching for in the Search For field. (2) As you type, the name in the column will be highlighted.

3. Either double click on the record to open customer, or when the customer is highlighted hit enter on your keyboard.

Grouping by Columns

In the search window, you can group the data by a column.

1. Drag and drop column header into the gray header area above the columns.


2. Notice the data grouped by the data in the column selected.

3. Click the plus sign in each group to expand the group. (image below)


4. Remove Grouping by dragging the column header back in place.


Filtering Search Apply filters to your search view to see only the data you want to see.

1. Make sure the data you want to filter by is added as a column in your view.

2. Click the Filter icon FilterIcon.jpg at the bottom of the search window.

3. In the Filter Builder window, click press the button to add a new condition.

4. Click UID to select the field that contains the value you want to filter by. (1)

5. Click like to select the filter type.

6. Click <empty> and type the value you want to filter the search by. (2)

7. Click OK and your search view is filtered.