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SME Field Services:
Built for field service technicians to receive and process work orders from initial acceptance through completion including providing recommendations for additional recommended service.


  • Runs in a disconnected mode so techs can be productive with or without a network connection. Techs can sync up work orders in the morning and again at night eliminating the need for a live wireless connection, this provides the most affordable and flexible solution. For more instantaneous response, a live wireless connection is also supported.
  • Techs received all work orders assigned to them and ready to be dispatched.
  • Techs accept the work order with notification to back office (upon next sync).
  • Techs perform the work and add services performed, parts, and time entries.
  • Track work time on the job.
  • Techs can recommend additional service and get approval from customer to do the service, thereby increasing revenue opportunity.
  • Create and Manage Purchase Orders and return of PO items.
  • Provides an communication system for emailing back and forth between tech and back office.
  • Work Order forms can be customized to meet the company needs.


  • Speed work order processing and efficiency to reduce costs and increase revenue
  • Improve communications between office and technicians
  • Allow a “paperless” office capturing all information in electronic format
  • Techs capture accurate information on the job, time sheets, and parts preventing missed billing opportunities.
  • Allowing techs to continue to update information when in a basement or other area without network connection.
  • Flexible deployment, can run without a live network connection to save on wireless costs or with a live connection to give more instant or continuous updates.
  • Provide up sell opportunities for technicians to recommend additional services and even perform the additional work while at the job site with customer approval.