Enter and follow-up on proposals

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Enter and follow-up on proposals

Proposals are used for actual proposals or for tracking opportunities. You can start entering a proposal as soon as you have a qualified lead and know some information about the products or services the lead (or customer) is looking for. These proposals can be used as a "pipeline" to track you future sales opportunities.

Entering a proposal is similar to enter is the same as entering orders and invoices. All the information entered into the proposal will be used to convert the proposal to an order so that information is never entered twice. Note that your efforts of entering complete information in the proposal, will help the entire organization as this proposal moves to an order, to an invoice, and finally into the accounting system. See the Proposals section for more information on how to enter information into the proposal.

It's also important to track notes for the proposal. These notes are for internal use about the status on progress of the proposal and are typically NOT shared with the sales lead or customer. So you can enter any information about the proposal to help everyone in the organization to understand the progress and history of the proposal.

Tracking activities on proposals as well as sales leads. When an activity is created on a proposal and you double click on that activity, it will go straight to the proposal so you can follow-up or update the proposal.

Search all your open proposals by selecting Search>Open Proposals. You can also configure a unique view for your proposal search list.