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Email template bodies allow you to create preformed and dynamic text from anything in the database record. These can be used to create a consistent email with minimal typing while still being personal for each customer.

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Create Email Template

To create an email templates follow these steps:

  1. Open SME and go to Utilities>Custom>Custom Email Bodies and select Run It. (Note if you do not have access to the utilities module, ask your administrator to provide access).
  2. Select Add at bottom left to create a new email template
  3. Select the module for this email template and give a Name
  4. Select options:
    1. Use on Module Emails: To use on the module, you most likely want to check this
    2. Use in Batch Emails: To use with the automatic batch emailing
    3. Use in Print Packet Emails: To use with module>Actions>Print Packet
    4. Default in Modules: To make this email template as the default. Be sure to select only one default per module.
    5. Default on Batch Emails: To make this the default email template for batch emails. Be sure to select only one default per module.
    6. Default on Print Packets: To make this the default email template for print packets. Be sure to select only one default per module.
  5. Type in the standard text you want to show in your email.
  6. Drag and Drop dynamic data into the email template
    1. Select the type of Dynamic Data to Pull data from the Record:
      1. Select the type of data you want: Standard, Custom, System, Login, or Company
      2. Standard: Data from the module selected
      3. Custom: Data from custom fields from the module selected
      4. System: System data such as current date and time
      5. Login: Information from the logged in user such as Name, email address, phone and so on. Great for creating company wide consistent signatures.
      6. Company: Data from company settings such as company name, address and so on.
  7. Select "Post" to save your template.
  8. Example: The following example is one we use at High 5 Software to send out support renewal invoices. Dynamic data is described below:
    1.  %BillContact% is the billing contact name
    2.  %Balance% is the balance remaining on the invoice.
    3.  %Login.Name% is the name of the login user so this template can be used by anyone who has access to the module.
    4.  %Login.EmailAdd% is the email of the logged in user.
    5. We could also have used %Company.AddressBlock% instead of typing out our company address so we don't have to update the template if our address changes, but we decided to type it in manually.


Use Email Template

Once your email template is setup, it's easy to use as follows:

  1. Go to the module you created your template for.
  2. Select the Email Template (be sure to do this BEFORE you select the email report)
  3. Select Print/Email and select the report you want to email.
  4. The email body is automatically filled out with all the info you need!


Modify Email Template

  1. To modify an email template, just go back to Utilities>Custom>Custom Email Bodies and select Run It.
  2. Select the email template you want to modify
  3. Make changes and select Post when completed.