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In orders and itemized invoices you can use two types of discounts. Item Discounts and Discounts. If you are syncing with QuickBooks, you need to make sure you have your discounts setup correctly. Then you can start applying discounts to orders. QB discounts do not transfer to SME

Set discount to be taken either before or after tax

To determine if the discounts are taken before or after tax:
1. Open QuickBooks
2. Click Lists > Item List to open your Item List.
3. Open the SMP_Discount item.
4. Set the tax code on the SMP_Discount item.
- If the item is non tax, then the discount is taken after tax.
- If the item is taxable, then the discount is taken before tax.
SMP Discount Tax.png

Note - If you set a different discount bucket in SQLink, check the tax code on that item instead of the SMP_Discount Item.


Go to the Totals tab on the order. Enter a dollar amount in the Discount field. This amount will be taken off the order.
Discount TotalsTab.png

You can also check Discount Rate and enter a discount percentage. The Discount field will populate with the discount amount.
Note - If you uncheck Discount Rate, the Discount field stays populated. You will need to delete the amount out of the Discount field.
DiscountRate OrderTotal.png

Item Discounts

You can also enter a discount to be applied to the order in the items you are adding. Below is a screenshot of the Add Item to Order window. At the bottom there is a Discounts section. You can enter a dollar or percent discount. The discount does not change the price on the item but it shows on the Totals tab in the Item Discounts field.

ItemDiscount OrderTotalsTab.png

You can enter a percent discount in the item as follows:
ItemDiscount Percent.png
When the order is invoiced and synced with QuickBooks, the Item Discount is passed through SMP_Item unless you changed in SQLink. (image below)

Discounts on Invoice in QuickBooks

Click this link to learn how the discount is passed through on the invoice in QuickBooks.
SMP DiscountExample.png